Every couple has a secret language that no one else can understand. This language usually includes body language, and it actually says a lot about every couple. Hugs are a big part of a couple's body language, and the different types of hugs have the power to deliver a message to your loved one, without even speaking. This is why we decided to break down 20 types of hugs between men and women, and what each of them really means.

1. The quick hug

When a hug only takes a few seconds, it actually means that your partner really wants to touch you and doesn’t want to lose physical contact with you. So don’t think that it’s nothing, the quick hug is a type of hug and it actually means a lot.

2. The long hug is the classic type of hug

This type of hug would make you feel like it will never end, and you don’t want it to end. It means that you both need each other, and you find it hard to let go of each other. It represents deep and real love.

3. The hug where a man elevates a woman from the ground 

This is the type of hug when a man lifts a woman up while hugging her, it shows sincere happy feelings, and excitement to finally see her.

4. The hug where a man lifts up a woman and twirls

This type of hug is a lot similar to the one before it; we usually see these types of hugs at weddings. These kinds of hugs happen between couples who are happy and relaxed in their relationship.

5. The squeeze hug

This hug’s meaning differs from one situation to another, but it’s usually a sign that your partner is need of some comfort and assurance. The squeeze hug is a type of hug that is a favorite among many. 

6. The hug from the back

This type of hug is different between men and women. For men, when they find their partner busy doing something and they give her a hug from the back, it means they want her attention and they want to share with her whatever she’s doing even just by standing there. For women, when she hugs a man from behind, she’s usually in a bad mood or sad and trying to lean on him for support.

7. The side hug is a classic type of hug

Side hugs are a type of hug like strolling hand in hand, couples who do that like to keep the physical bond going, and they enjoy each other’s company.

8. Petting and hugging at the same time

Talk about showing affection and kindness. Petting your partner sometimes might be a sign of reconciling each other in a cute way. It's also the type of hug that you do to comfort someone and let them know that when things get tough it will be okay. 

9. Hugs with deep eyes gazing

This type of hug is a loud and clear “I love you” to each other, couples in love like to do that.

10. Bear Hug is the best type of hug

This type of hug is a hug where not only do your bodies touch, but your souls collide. It's a huge hug that usually happens when two loved ones reunite after being apart for so long. It included a hug, a lift, a twirl, all of the hugs in one. 

11. The group hug

Yes, there are types of hugs that include more than two people. Sometimes all you need is a group hug from your friends to spread love and comfort.

12. The bottom grabbing hug

This is a cheeky type of hug, usually takes place among newlyweds or even on an anniversary trip, where two couples hug and rest their hands on the butts, or the pockets of the pants. 

13. The hug with the resting heads 

This is a type of hug that involves a lot of comfort, simply resting your head on your partner's shoulder. This hug usually is a long one, as both bodies just absorb energy from each other.

14. The dancing hug 

The dancing hug is a very romantic type of hug. It usually happens when a hug turns into a long hug and the couple slowly sways into a slow dance. It's the type of hug filled with joy, like after a beautiful night out. 

15. The happy hug 

This is the funniest type of hug out there. It's the hug you give someone when you get some good news and the only way you can express yourself is with a hug.

Main Image Credits: Holidate Movie