I read a lot about minimalist living, which is adopting a lifestyle that aims to reduce and limit your life to owning only the important basics. What is not a necessity is considered a burden that complicates life rather than helps it. Minimalists also add to their basic needs what brings them joy and makes them happy, as long as it brings that joy every time, like raising an animal or taking care of plants, for example. The goal is not to be too strict, but to simply remove from your life anything that is unnecessary or does not bring your joy. And so we can start to reduce our attachment to material things on focus on the necessities.

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The Benefits of the Minimalism

The essence of minimalism is that you live with what you need and what makes you happy, and nothing more. Here I realized that this method would definitely rid me of a lot of 'mess' around the house, as well as things in my closet that I have forgotten about over the years. I also realized that this way of life would reduce my expenses, help me save, and would reduce stress. It would help me enjoy my life with a clearer vision. But making this decision, adopting minimalism and implementing it is not easy!

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Making the decision to be minimal with my skincare

I decided to follow this approach with my skincare routine, after I was surprised that all of my drawers were filled with products I mostly do not use or have just used a few times and then stopped. My reasoning was always that there is not enough time for that. I had so many products I needed to throw out because they were expired, and I didn't have enough time to actually use them, which is unfortunately a waste of money. 

How did I start implementing a minimal approach to my skincare?

I started doing a more minimalist skincare routine and I decided that I would not use more than 5 skincare products. After doing some thinking and based of my previous experiences; I concluded that these products below would be the basis of skincare routine.

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1. Cleanser

...to get rid of excess oils, dirt and build up on the skin, of course as long as it is suitable for my oily skin type. I use Topi Gent Sebum, an Egyptian product. The packaging has a silicone brush tip, which I use to clean my face on a daily basis. The rich lather contains antimicrobial agents, and I always feel like it does a gentle exfoliation to my face, which helps clean my skin and reduce the production of blackheads.

2. Serum

I also use a serum that contains niacinamide, which is a form of vitamin B3 that has many benefits. It minimizes the size of large pores, controls the secretion of oils, and works on brightening dark spots and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This is because it hydrates the skin and maintains its elasticity. It also helps protect skin cells from harmful external factors, like sunlight and air pollutants. It can be used twice a day, and is more gentle than vitamin C serums when it comes to brightening and anti-aging. Niacinamide can also help with acne, which is a common problem for oily skin and this product helps with that a lot. I use The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%.

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3. Natural eye mask

To help with fine lines and dry skin in the under-eye area, I use any natural moisturizer or mask like yogurt with kiwi or rose water with gelatin. Of course there are many oils and creams for this area, but I love these natural remedies for the eye area and they really cost me nothing and do the job.

4. Sunscreen

It is so important that I apply sunscreen before I go out everyday, and also before going in the kitchen because of the heat in the summer. I use Avene Very High Protection Cream SPF 50.

5. Exfoliant

I prefer natural exfoliants for my weekly exfoliation, like yogurt and lupin beans mask or the Drops of Youth Liquid Peelfrom Bodyshop. I also put micellar water next to my bed to remove excess makeup.

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My goals and reasons for adopting the minimalist method:

So, I use no more than five products, which ensures for me that I achieve my goals when it comes to adopting this method: 

1. Consistency, which is usually my biggest problem. I now know what I want and what I should focus on, which is clean and clear skin.

2. This routine does not take up a lot of time, as a working woman and mom.

3. Saving. I will not spend a lot on trying new things, but only mostly replace the products that I have mentioned if I feel like changing. But ultimately I know what kind of products I'm looking for. Also, they won't expire and be left forgotten in my drawers.

If you feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to skincare products, you can also try adopting your own simple routine that helps your skin, and supports consistency. This is what really matters in skin care. Always keep in mind that not every product that is expensive or has strong advertising is great for the skin, or for every type of skin. Everything varies from one person to another. I feel really good, now that I know the basics of skincare and only choose what helps me achieve my my goals. I think my next step will be to adopt this approach with my makeup.

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Important note:

Toner and moisturisers are two of the important products in a skincare routine, regardless of your skin type, but I do not use toners, for the cleanser is enough for me and I can use micellar water if I want more balance and cleansing. I also do not use any moisturizers after cleansing, because my skin is very oily and cannot tolerate them, and this is of course after trying a lot of moisturizers before. I am content with only serum and sunscreen - they hydrate my skin. So you should never give up moisturizer or toner if they work for your skin. Your routine should have whatever works for you. We're all different and different skin types need difference products. The point here is to set priorities and really look into what works for your skin. And I think we will soon see a lot of products coming out aiming at having more than one benefit and purpose to keep up the pace with what a modern woman needs.

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