Did you know that like the body needs to fast from time to time to detox itself, your skin needs that too? Skin fasting or the that term might sound unfamiliar to you, but it's actually not as strange as you might think . So today I decided to share with you my experience with skin fasting and the skin fasting results I saw. I'll talk in detail about what happens during skin fasting, the stages you go through, and the skin fasting benefits.

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Here's my experience with skin fasting, and these were it's results:

Allow me to be honest and start by saying that when I decided to start doing this technique to my skin, I didn't know that that was something called 'skin fasting', and that this thing I wanted to try was actually a Japanese skincare method. I found that out later online. 

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How did my journey with skin fasting begin?

I've always believe that I shouldn't allow myself or my body to get dependent or too used to anything, whatever it is, whether it's a certain type of food, a drink or even a skincare routine. Anything that can turn potentially turn into something that I cannot just do without, I find myself wanting to immediately stop it or make a change. So whenever my skin gets used to one type of product, I immediately change it for another. The same goes for my skincare routine. But around a year ago, I started to think about whether it was enough for me to make a simple change in my skincare routine, be it with the order I'm using them or changing the actual products? What is actually the point of that?! My skin still knows that it's getting what it's used to one way or another, even it's slightly different. What will happen to my skin's health if I, one day, can't provide it or gain access to the products it's used to having?

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Here and at this moment I decided that every three months, I would stop using any cosmetics, makeup or skincare products for 2 weeks, in order to let my skin depend on its nature and itself and see what happens... 

What are the skin fasting steps that I did?

First, I went and did extensive research online on everything I could do to avoid having my skin  suffer from dehydration or pollution. Here, I found out about that I wanted to try was called skin fasting. I wrote everything down, including these steps that I followed...

1. Stay away from any skincare or cosmetic products, whatever they are, for a period of two weeks.

2. Drink enough water daily to hydrate the body from within.

3. Eat fruits rich in water to maintain the skin's moisture from within.

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4. Frequently washing the skin with warm water for one minute every day to get rid of any dust or dirt.

5. Use only natural cleansers.

Note: I used a natural skin cleanser with olive oil. You can use any natural cleanser that's right for your skin. 

6. Stop touching my face frequently, to avoid spending any bacteria.

What happened when I started skin fasting?

Well, my skin went through several stages quickly. At one point I even thought my skin was losing it completely, but I had an urge to see what will happen, after all it's only for 2 weeks.

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Stage 1: Dehydration

The first two days were like depriving my skin. It started to feel very dry and I started to get really concerned. But with a little research I found that this was normal in the beginning because it's not getting the source of moisture it's used to. On the third day, my skin actually started to feel slightly hydrated and that increased day after day. 

Note: Your skin will not be able to stay hydrated if you do not drink enough water every day.

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Stage 2: Breaking out

On the fourth day, I started to notice some pimples, which is unusual for me. I asked one of my friends, a dermatologist, and she told me that this is the skin's way of getting rid of the toxins inside. Now the skin has a chance to clean and detox itself, especially since I'm hydrating the body  which is helping a lot. By the end of the first week, the pimples were completely gone, without any interference from me!

Stage 3: Glow and clear skin

By the start of the second week, my skin was clear and supple, and it looked really healthy. It is no longer looked tired and dull. It felt really smooth, and I didn't feel like I needed to apply any makeup before going out.  

How long does the skin maintain its glow after skin fasting?

The benefit of "skin fasting" is that it is a routine that leaves its mark on your skin for a while. So you will find that your skin retains its youthfulness for a long time. As you continue to follow the fasting routine from time to time, you will find that the results are always positive and healthy.

Things to keep in mind when trying out skin fasting:

1. Drinking enough water is a must, and without it you will not see any results.

2. It is preferable to try skin fasting during the holidays or when you're staying at home, so that your skin is not exposed to a lot of harmful external factors.

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3. If you're exposed to the sun during the fasting period, then it is important to only apply because you must protect your skin from harmful rays.

4. You don't have to fear when you see some pimples or dryness. This is a natural change for the skin.

5. Skin fasting worked for me and other people, but it doesn't have to work for everybody. Like with everything else, everybody's skin is different and what works for some people doesn't necessarily have to work for you. Be conscious, aware and listen to what your skin needs or doesn't want. 

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