Our bodies are beautiful just the way they are and it is extremely empowering and incredible to be able to understand our body, accept it and feel like we can wear whatever we feel want and feel comfortable in. We always get a lot of questions from you about styling pieces for your body shape. So, today we're focusing on dresses for the apple body type, the ones you would love wearing, how to pick and style them so you can shop easier and try on whatever you like. 

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So, if you have an apple body type, this article is for you. If you have a different body shape, take a look at our previous articles right here and stay tuned for more...

Note: All body shapes, types and sizes are beautiful. We should all love and appreciate our bodies just the way they are.

If you're not sure what your body type could be, here's a little guide to help you out.  

So what are the common features of an apple body type?

1. The waist is usually broader than the chest and hip area.

2. The shoulder area is often medium to broad, and sometimes broader than the hips. 

3. The hip area is medium to wide. 

4. The bust can be medium to big. 

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How to style the apple body shape? 

With dresses and generally, try a-line and wider fits at the bottom. You'll also love wearing things with details at the waist to define it, and create contrast by wearing more tight fits on top and wider one towards the bottom. 

How do you pick dresses according to an apple body shape? 

Go for dresses that are maxi, a-line, with waist detail and a sexy v-neck. Also higher waistline line empire waist dresses could be a new favorite for you and are worth trying out. 

1. Wrap dresses are a great choice for women with apple body types 

Wrap dresses are beautiful. They give wonderful waist definition. They also create balance between the upper and bottom part of the body and if you pick one with a slit, it'll also feel really sexy and comfy.

dresses for apple body shape

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2. Try out Empire Waist dresses 

Empire waist dresses are ones where the waist line is higher than your actual waist and almost below your chest area. They're really flattering because they give the body an overall lift and elongate the bottom part of the body. Also going for one with a round open neckline like this is really flattering and a good option if you want to highlight that area.

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dresses for apple body shape

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3. And of course A-Line dresses

A-line dresses are always recommended for apple body shapes. They are extremely flattering and the contrast between the fitted upper body and flow below the waistline creates a wonderful balance and a classic feminine feel. For more casual dresses, adding a belt as well would be great.

dresses for apple body shape

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4. V-neck Maxi dresses 

V-necks are also really popular with apple body types. They're a great way to highlight the neck and chest area, even if it's subtle. You can hit 2 birds with 1 stone by having it also be a maxi dress, which like we said are great for apple body shapes. Also the higher the waist line is, the better. 

dresses for apple body shape

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5. Asymmetrical dresses

Asymmetry is always a great trick in fashion. Wearing a dress like this with draping and detail at the waist would be a great option to go for. Pleats and draping are always flattering and are classics. You can also add a belt to further define the waist, even if it's as simple as gold chain. You can also wear heels to further elongate the figure and create balance.

dresses for apple body shape

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Tips for Styling and Choosing Flowy Dresses

General tips to keep in mind when choosing a dress for the apple body shape:

1. Pick dresses that are tighter at the upper body, then gradually wider or flowy as they go down.

2. Maxi dresses and flowy dresses are an easy go to choice. 

3. Details like pleats, lace and drapes are really flattering especially at the waist area.

4. A higher waist line like empire waist dresses are also a great design to try out. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @yasmine_sabri - Getty Images Via The Zoe Report - Via Pinterest