Our mission is to make it easier for you to find different looks and learn styling tips that are great for your body shape, so you can wear anything you'd like. And as we mentioned before, we will talk every time about different dresses for different body shapes, and we started with dresses for pear body shape, and this time we've chosen to talk about dresses for women with a rectangle body type. If you don't know how to identify your body shape in this article we will guide you to know more about the rectangle body shape and what really works for it. If you have a different body type, check this out...

How do you know the shape of your body?

Note: All body shapes, types and sizes are beautiful. We should all love and appreciate our bodies just the way they are.

First, let's get to know what is the rectangle body shape:

1. The chest, waist, and hips are the same size.

2. A hip line with the same size as the shoulder line.

3. The width of the chest and hips are around the same size.

4. The waist is not defined.

5. There may not be a lot of curves.

Note: Weight typically distributed evenly throughout the body.
 Dresses for rectangle body shape

How to style a rectangle body type?

The rectangle body shape has equal measurements throughout the body. So when choosing a dress, many love to go for something that will create dimension and definition. 

The key is to define the waist to create curves and contrast in this area.

How do you pick dresses according to a rectangle body shape

In general, dresses that work well for the rectangle body shape are the ones that have a balance between the top and bottom and have a defined waist...

1. X-Line Dresses

 Dresses for rectangle body shape

Image Credits: Instagram @nancyajram

We mentioned above that we should look for dresses that are balanced from the top and bottom and with a defined waist, and this is exactly the case for X-Line dresses. It comes with broad shoulders, flowy bottom and a defined waist that you can style with a belt. 

2. Wrap dresses are ideal for women with a rectangular body

 Dresses for rectangle body shape

Image Credits: Instagram @fusunlindner

It doesn't come as a surprise that wrap dresses flatter the majority of body types, especially a rectangle body type. It creates curves and movement because the waist is defined and the draping flows beautifully.

3. Dresses that are tight at the waist

 Dresses for rectangle body shape

Image Credits: Instagram @nouraridaofficial

There is a common mistake that some people make...that is women with rectangle body shapes cannot wear fitted dresses. This is not true. It all depends on the waist of the dress. If the waist is tight or defined, the dress will be really flattering and stunning on the body. So feel free to wear a tight dress!

4. Tiered dresses

Dresses for rectangle body shape

Image Credits: Instagram @withloveleena

Although the waist is not defined in these dresses, the multiple layers help to shape your body. It creates definition throughout the dress and is often a good option for those who do not like dresses with defined waists.

General tips to keep in mind when choosing a dress for a rectangle body shape:

1. Stay away from totally shapeless clothes.

2. Choose dresses with dark colors at the waist, or wear a dark color belt on your waist.

3. If you choose dresses that are slightly wide from the bottom, make sure that there are some details in the upper half of the dress, such as broad shoulders and puffed sleeves.