It took me a lot of years to know which are the best jeans for my body type. After a lot of failed jeans purchases, I was able to recognize what suits my body type, and what doesn’t. To know how to choose jeans and which styles would be really flattering on you, read on...

Note: There is no saying that there are certain types of jeans that you cannot wear, no matter what your body shape, size or type is. You can wear and flaunt whatever style of jeans you want. If it makes you feel good, wear it and own it. These are only a few tips to help you find the most flattering fits for you so shopping can be a little easier. 

How to Know What Your Body Shape Is

1. The best jeans for the pear body type


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Most Middle Eastern women fall under the pear body shape. The pear body shape means that you have wide thighs, wide hips and slender shoulders. 

So to compliment the pear body shape, you can wear jeans with a low rise at the front with a contoured waist, to avoid the back gap whenever you try to sit down. It will also add length to your torso. 

You can also wear mid or hight rise waisted jeans in relaxed, straight fits or mom jeans. Flared jeans are also perfect for this body type. Also boyfriend jeans, boot cut and skinny jeans would be great picks.

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2. The best jeans for the apple body shape


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As opposite to what’s known, women with the apple body shape can find a lot of comfortable jeans options because they mostly have long legs.

For the apple body shape, low rise jeans will make their torso seem longer, but they can also rock mid rise jeans and sometimes even middle hight rise if you want to emphasize your hips. 

Flared and bootcut jeans are also a good choice for this body shape, best worn with high heels and a loose top. You will also love wearing boyfriend jeans and straight legged jeans.

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3. The best jeans for the hourglass body shape


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The hourglass body shape is also very common in the Middle East. Usually this body shape has. wider hips and shoulders with a slimmer waist.

For this body type, you could consider a pair of jeans that has a mildly high rise and a contoured waist. Hight rise skinny jeans are a great solution for waist gaps. Straight cuts and boot cuts will highlight your beautiful curves. 

4. The best jeans for Petites


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If you're looking for jeans to elongate your look, you will love skinny or straight fits on you. Pick jeans that slightly show the ankles and are high waisted, and you might never want to take them off. 

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