Summer is in full swing and you need to get the latest swimsuit 2020 trends if you're planning to hit the beach soon. Every year, a few new swimsuit trends dominate the scene and one of the top this year is the ruffled swimsuit. Today we show you how to pick the ruffled swimsuit according to your body shape and how to style it.

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The Ruffled Swimsuit Trend for Summer 2020


For summer 2020 the ruffled swimsuits are everywhere, it doesn't matter if you prefer to wear one piece swimsuits or bikinis, you'll find them adorned with ruffles on the shoulder, neckline or waistline or the bikini bottoms. Each one of them gives you a new stylish look on the beach if you can pick the right swimsuit for your body shape.

Choosing the right swimsuit for your body shape


Pear body shape: Bikinis work well with pear body shapes especially if they are high-waisted. You can also go for any one piece swimsuit that you like, it'll work well with you.

Apple body shape: One piece swimsuits are best for your body shape.

Inverted triangle body shape: High-waisted bikinis fit you just as much as low-waisted ones, as well as regular one piece swimsuits.

Rectangle body shape: The ruffled swimsuits trend is perfect for you since they enhance your curves no matter which cut you go for.

Hourglass body shape: You're lucky that any type of swimsuit would work with your body shape.

Swimsuit neckline according to your body shape


One of the most important things to keep in mind when picking the right swimsuit according to your body shape is the neckline. It makes a huge difference when you pick the one that flatters your body shape best.

If you have pear or rectangle shaped body, try the one shoulder or strapless cuts unless you have wider shoulders, in that case the thick shoulder straps would work better.

However if you're an apple or inverted triangle body shape, then any V cut necklines would look amazing on you.

How to style ruffled swimsuits?


Before buying a ruffled swimsuit, you should make sure that the ruffles are placed in the right way to flatter your body shape. They can be great to cover any body part you are self conscience about where they can create more curves. For example if you have smaller breasts and want them to look fuller, you can wear a bikini with ruffles on the chest. But if you have a rectangle body shape, your ruffled bikini bottoms can give you a defined waist and curved hips.