No Time Or Money For A Vacation? Best Spots For A Perfect Day-Use To Break The Routine!

Mariam Youssef
8/29/23, 10:00 AM

It’s that time of the year when you desperately need a break from work, responsibilities, and any stressful matters going on in your life. However, you probably can’t afford to go on vacation like you used to, thanks to the extremely increasing prices! Whether you’re short on time or money, you can still enjoy a small break by spending a perfect day-use in Egypt to break the routine and feel better. Read on to know the best spots for a fun day-use.

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Aqua Ladies Pool - Raya Club

No stress is allowed at this place; you’re only going to have fun. This place is ideal for women who don’t like mixed pools. Whether you’re body-shy, hijabi, or conservative, you’ll be able to wear whichever swimming suit you like and have the utmost fun at this ladies pool. Reservation is a must, so you need to call them to book your spot first. You can also accompany your kids and nannies with you, but boys over 7 are not allowed.

Contact Info

Location: El-Sheikh Zayed, Beverly Hills

Phone Number: 01119000381/2

Instagram: Aqua Ladies Pool - Raya Club

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New Sakkara Country Club

Sakkara Country Club, which is close to the city, has long been a popular getaway for Cairo residents wishing to spend their weekend outdoors. The location is great for families because there is a ton of room and fun things to do. The pool is flanked by palm trees and a large garden, and just beyond that is the desert, allowing for an incredibly distinctive experience. The food, which is entirely regional, is also delectable, particularly their outstanding baba ghanoush and baladi bread.

Contact Info

Location: Haram, 3.8 miles from Giza Pyramids

Phone Number: 01017030333

Instagram: New Sakkara Country Club

Villa Belle Époque

This breathtakingly cute villa-turned-boutique hotel is tucked away in the middle of Maadi and is an excellent place for spending the whole day. Every single part of the building is filled with new artifacts and antiques, and the entire structure has been painstakingly constructed to depict Egypt's rich history and legacy. The lovely property is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, and its pool, despite being tiny, is ideal for a day spent relaxing and swimming. Don't leave before trying something from their delectable menu because their eatery also serves some extremely great food.

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Contact Info

Location: Maadi

Phone Number: +202 23580265

Instagram: Villa Belle Époque


Spending a day-use in Fayoum is one of the greatest ideas for breaking the routine. Whether you’ll spend one day or decide to make it a staycation, Fayoum never disappoints. There are plenty of day-use tours that organize amazing programs for travelers to spend the day well and visit as many beautiful spots as possible. If you need a specific place, we recommend Tache Boutique Hotel for the best staycation near Lake Qaroun and Wadi Al-Rayan. The serenity of this hotel will help you relax and enjoy a peaceful vacation that isn’t too expensive. Ask the hotel about day-use options.

Contact Info

Location: Fayoum, near Lake Qaroun and Wadi Al-Rayan

Phone Number: 0100 3535100 - 01063202311

Instagram: Tache Boutique and Hotel

Dayra Camp Sokhna

Ain Al-Sokhna is a terrific spot for day-use, be it on weekdays or weekends since it’s close to Cairo (only an hour and a half away- 2 hours maximum). You can either go there by car or book a bus ticket that will drop you off at Al-Sokhna. Dayra Camp is an amazing place for a day-use that you can spend with your family or friends. The pool, restaurant, rooms, and everything else is amazing.

Contact Info

Location: Mountain View 1, Ain Al-Sokhna

Website: Dayra Camp

Instagram: Dayra Camp Sokhna

Sofitel Gezirah

If you’re not fond of traveling on weekends or want to save up on gas, you’ll want to spend your day-use at one of the finest hotels in Cairo that offer amazing day-use experiences. Sofitel Gezirah provides guests with pool access, gym access, and a double room. You’ll enjoy a terrific view of the the Nile from the pool while taking a lovely swim.

Contact Info

Location: Zamalek

Phone Number: 02 2737 3737

Instagram: Sofitel Gezirah

The Westin Cairo

For people who live in New Cairo, Rehab, Madinaty, Tagamoa, and nearby areas, this is the perfect place for you. The Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa in Katameya Dunes. Located in New Cairo, it has imaginative activities and contemporary, large rooms. Whether you’re spending a day-use or staying for a few days, you will have the best time with friends and family alike.

Contact Info

Location: New Cairo, Katameya Dunes

Phone Number: +202 23228000

Instagram: The Westin Cairo


Most of the hotels in Cairo and Giza offer day-use plans, so you can always check with them if that’s more convenient for you. These mentioned places are unique and have extremely good reviews, so we wanted to share them with you to have the best break from the stressful daily routine.



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