The Perfect Outing Spots For Mom Friends: Your Guide To Restaurants With Kids’ Areas

Mariam Youssef
8/16/23, 6:00 PM

Do you remember how easy and straightforward going out with your friends was before you had kids? You were just one text away from meeting them up anywhere you like, be it a karaoke spot, cafe, restaurant, or just walking around the neighborhood. Now that you have kids, it’s nearly impossible to go out with all your friends like you used to because some of them can’t make it as mom duty calls. What if we tell you that you and friends can go out whenever possible and not worry about taking your kids with you? Read this article to know some of the restaurants with kids’ areas.

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Aside from the great food quality and gorgeous ambience, Pepenero offers a perfect kids area for your little ones to enjoy their time while you and your friends enjoy the classy meals you order. Make sure you do reserve a table before heading there.

Contact Information

Location: Korba & New Cairo

Phone number: 01010101342 - 01003329929

Instagram: Pepenero

Facebook: Pepenero

Villa One Eleven

Based on several reviews, the food quality at Villa One Eleven is great and the kids area is amazing. The only thing that you may not like is that the kids area is not on the same floor as the dining area. Other than that, it is the perfect place for outings with your mom friends.

Contact Information

Location: New Cairo

Phone number: 01090777030

Instagram: Villa One Eleven

Facebook: Villa One Eleven

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Oya Lounge

If you’re craving topnotch food with your friends, Oya Lounge offers you that and more. Now, you can enjoy a fine dining experience while your kids are having fun in the play area.

Contact Information

Location: New Cairo - Mohandeseen & North Cost

Phone number: 01200004484 - 01000007434 - 01091300100

Instagram: Oya Lounge

Facebook: Oya Lounge

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While D.cappuccino is not exactly a restaurant where you can have a fancy meal, it is a great cafe that offers a variety of drinks, meals, and desserts.

Contact Information

Location: Nasr City

Phone number: 01110002911

Instagram: D.cappuccino

Facebook: D.cappuccino

The Courtyard Maadi

This place is definitely a great place to meet up with friends, where you can take your kids with you and have fun on every level. It is also a great family place where you and your family can go out for a nice dinner.

Contact Information

Location: Maadi

Phone number: 01210201040

Instagram: The Courtyard Maadi

Facebook: The Courtyard Maadi

Planet Africa

The general atmosphere and environment of Planet Africa compel its visitors to have fun and enjoy their time. The food quality is great as well as the kids area that moms tend to praise most often.

Contact Information

Location: City Stars, Nasr City

Phone number: 0224802949

Instagram: Planet Africa

Facebook: Planet Africa


Whether you’re looking for an oriental breakfast or just want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, Mews will serve. The kids play area there will help you enjoy your time even more as your kids will be having the utmost fun.

Contact Information

Location: New Cairo

Phone number: 01200005512

Instagram: Mews

Facebook: Mews


I’ve personally tried this place and I dare say that the food quality and taste is beyond amazing and the seating area is also great. The kids area may not be the biggest or most advanced, but it definitely serves its purpose as kids have fun playing in the small playground.

Contact Information

Location: Maadi

Phone number: 01093077077

Instagram: Bell’s

Facebook: Bell’s

Princess Cafe and Restaurant

Princess Cafe and Restaurant has the most diverse set up, be it  indoors, outdoors, kids area, you name it. Visit this place and enjoy the lovely atmosphere and delicious food. There are kids areas only in Sheikh Zayed and Taghamoa branches.

Contact Information

Location: New Cairo - ElKorba - Sheikh Zayed، Point 6 Mall - Alexandria, Tivoli Dome - Madinaty, Open Air Mall - Al Rehab, Gateway Mall - Marina 4

Phone number:01200002230

Instagram: Princess Cafe and Restaurant

Facebook: Princess Cafe and Restaurant


With a lovely indoor area and an even better outdoor area, you, your friends, and your kids will have the best time ever at Oops. It’s a lovely cafe where you can hang out with your friends for a refreshing drink.

Contact Information

Location: Maadi - Al-khamseen St. - Helwan

Phone number: 01148658125

Instagram: Oops

Facebook: Oops

Clams and Claws (New Cairo Branch)

This restaurant gives a completely different experience because, as the name suggests, it is not your usual brunch or dinner spot. Their menu includes clams and claws and other sea goodies – something that makes it mandatory to have a kids’ play area so you can enjoy your food. Although Clams and Claws has several branches, only the New Cairo branch has a kids’ area.

Contact Information

Location: New Cairo

Instagram: Clams and Claws

Facebook: Clams and Claws

Stereo Restaurant and Cafe

If you’re after a memorable dining experience with your friends, bring your kids along with you and don’t worry. You’ll have an amazing time with your friends and you’ll enjoy a topnotch food experience at Stereo Restaurant and Cafe. You may want to call the restaurant beforehand to ensure that there is a kids’ area in the branch you’re visiting.

Contact Information

Location: El Sheikh Zayed - 5th Settlement - Tanta - Mansoura - Zagazig

Phone number: 19706

Instagram: Stereo Restaurant and Cafe

Facebook: Stereo Restaurant and Cafe

Kids Station

While this may not be a restaurant, it is a fantastic place for your kids to unleash their creativity and enjoy their time to the fullest. There is a small cafeteria with some tables and chairs where you and your friends can have drinks or desserts while the kids enjoy their time. There are several branches all over Cairo, Giza, and other governorates. 

Contact Information

Phone number: 011 50545454, 01000455777, 01000455666

Instagram: Kids Station

Facebook: Kids Station



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