We've all had those late nights where we're overthinking a stupid situation and analyzing everything that happened, wishing we'd said something different or the situation had been different. Welcome to the world of overthinking, where we can't just pause it until we find the answer to what we're thinking. It's a habit of going around in circles, which is ultimately exhausting. It consists of various attempts at future thinking, reading into details, and a stream of thoughts before making a decision. Surprisingly, you can sometimes keep repeating commentary and criticism in your head. But how exactly do you deal with an overthinker? I'm going to share with you a few things to do when dealing with an over-thinking friend, parent and partner. 

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1. Dealing with an overthinker may appear difficult or difficult at first, but trust me, once you crack the code, you will gain an amazing friend who will always support and be there for you. Let us begin by discussing how to deal with an overthinking friend.

Overthinking friends have a lot of different scenarios in their heads for how a given situation could play out. And they always try to put themselves in the shoes of others; they don't pass judgment, but they give the best advice. They live in a world of "what if", it's not a switch button they can control but rather something built into them, and I'm not saying that's a bad thing, far from it, but talking with an overthinker friend always opens your eyes to situations you never thought about that actually might make sense or affect your decisions in a positive way.

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What to do with an over-thinking friend:

- Shutting them down or telling them to stop thinking is not an option and is a very ignorant way to treat a friend; instead, allow them to express themselves; sometimes getting it out of their system actually helps. 

- Ignoring their texts will not help them; instead, it will make them worry more and cause them to create different scenarios; instead, you can respond with a simple text like "sorry I'm busy now, I'll text you later." 

- Be the friend they are with you, no matter how caring and easily worried they become, and give them space to express their thoughts. Discussing their thoughts with them actually makes an overthinker happy. 

2. Having an overthinking parent means they are constantly concerned and overprotective, but how do you deal with an overthinking parent?

A parent's first job is to worry, which is natural because they are always afraid that something bad will happen to their child. However, if the parent is an overthinker, they double worry because they overanalyze everything they think, and as a result, they are overprotective, which is a constant cycle. You'll notice that whenever you go out, Your parents have to call you to check on you or ask you what you're up to. and believe me, they are not doing this to annoy you, but rather to ensure your safety and that you are in a safe environment.

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How to deal with an over-thinking parent:

- Provide them with a detailed plan, which allows them to stop analyzing everything and answer all of their unanswered questions. For example, if you're going out with your friends, don't tell them you're just going out; instead, tell them you're going to eat ice cream with my friends and then we'll gossip over coffee, which will make them think less. Just give it a shot and see how it goes with your parents.

3. I would say having an overthinking partner is a bit challenging but how do you deal with one?

You may notice that your partner shares every minor detail with you at times, but if you put yourself in their shoes, you will notice that they do so out of love and because they have over-analyzed everything and are relieved that they have reached a decision. When you come to discuss something with them, you need to be very clear about what you want from them or what you expect them to do, because if you don't, they will overthink everything you said until they get lost in their thoughts, causing drama you didn't want.

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How to deal with an over-thinking partner:

- If you have an overthinking partner, they will genuinely tell you how they feel about you and this relationship because they probably thought about it for a long time before speaking to you about it. 

- They will apologize a lot because they are constantly worried about hurting your feelings, but just make their life a little easier by telling them whatever happened did not bother you as much as they thought it would, and when something happens that you feel they will over-analyze, just clear it up quickly before the thoughts start to kick in.

- As simple as it sounds, all an overthinking partner wants to hear is that you still love them; yes, you must reassure them from time to time. Because they may be wondering whether you still love them or not, saying or doing something to show that you do will be extremely beneficial to them.

- If you do not know how to express your feelings through words, that is not a problem; after all, "actions speak louder than words," so take them to the movies or do something you know your partner will enjoy or love to do. Remember that an overthinker will always analyze any situation, and by doing something special for them, they will understand that you still care about and love them.

Main Image Credits: Our Mindful Life