They say your friends are the family you choose for yourself, so you should choose wisely. So we decided to share with you 28 signs your friend is a friend who will last you a lifetime. Friendship isn’t about who you've known the longest, it's about who came and never left your side. Without further a due, check out these 28 signs your friend is a friend for life and find out how much would your friend scored out of 28!

1. They feel like family among your initial family.

2. They don’t need an invitation to come over, they just let themselves in.

3. They visit or ask about your parents when you are away, because your parents have become theirs too. 

4. You have a ton of inside jokes only the two of you understand. 

5. There are no boundaries in the friendship, you might as well jump into bed and nap next to them. 

6. You know each other’s closets by heart.

7. It is not unlikely to find some of your items in each other’s closets. 

8. Even if you haven’t talked in days, you manage to recap and pick up from where you left off.

9. Distance is just not an issue for you guys, even if you are living in different time zones, you always find time for one another.

10. They will tell you the cold hard truth even if it sucks to hear. 

11. Their gifts are always thoughtful, in fact, they don’t really need an occasion to give you a gift.

12. They know when your period cycle is, and tolerate your crazy PMS symptoms. 

13. Traveling together never leads to clashes, in fact, you make the best memories. 

14. They will never judge you no matter what crazy or stupid thing you do. 

15. They will never feel awkward hanging with you on family day, or even third wheeling on date night

16. When you are going through a rough time, they will cry with you, then help you pull yourself together. 

17. You have awkward nicknames for each other. Saving your friend as ‘smelly cat’ is totally normal in your phone book.

18. They’ll tell you when your outfit looks horrible and not let you walk the streets looking funny.

19. You understand each other just by looking at your facial expressions.

20. They’ll pinpoint your flaws instead of just living with them. 

21. Whoever you hate, they hate, that’s the deal. 

22. They’ll stand proudly next to you, even when you are being embarrassing. 

23. No such thing as awkward silences between you. 

24. A night out with the two of you will always lead to fun times.

25. You can call them up at any time, even at 4am. 

26. There is no such thing called owing each other money. 

27. Shopping with them is like an episode of Fashion Police. 

28. You never get jealous when your friend hangs out with other people, because you know you are irreplaceable in each other's lives.