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Give A Second Chance to The Pieces You No Longer Wear By Selling Them to These Stores

Mariam Youssef
6/7/23, 6:00 PM

Remember when you saw your red blouse on the mannequin and sprinted to the cashier to claim it? When was the last time you wore this blouse? In fact, where is it now? Every time we rearrange our closet, we often find pieces that we no longer wear but still keep – for some reason! And when you finally decide to get rid of them, you either donate them to charity or give them away to your little sister or cousin. Did you know that you can sell your preloved clothes to online websites and get money for them? This is a brilliant way to make use of your old clothes, especially when they’re in good condition. 

We’re not, by any means, suggesting that you shouldn’t donate your clothes; however, selling them online may be another option for you to give them another chance and let someone else benefit from them while making money. That said, we’ll list some online shops where you can give your old clothes a second chance by selling them.

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The Space

The Space is a website that aims to encourage people to reuse rather than buy new clothes that are often too pricey and mass-produced. They’re helping the environment as well by reducing unnecessary consumption and cost. Sell your preloved clothes on this website to free up some space in your closet and allow your old pieces to find a new home. Not only does The Space allow you to sell clothes, but they also offer you to sell old household items, vintage pieces, and anything you think may fit the “elegant junk” description. You can also find The Space store at 14 Road 210, Degla, Maadi.

Instagram: The Space

Website: The Space

Olya Brands Stock

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Do you own designer clothes or shoes that you no longer wear but paid way too much money for them? Wrap these items and contact Oyla Brands Stock to sell them at great prices. It’ll showcase your items and will ensure that you get the price you agree on as long as your items are in good condition. Moreover, if you want to quit fast fashion and invest in preloved items, you’ll find treasure on this page. Shop at the store too; it's located at Road 9, Maadi.

Instagram: Olya Brands Stock

Preowned Preloved And Perfect

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From sunglasses to bags to activewear to perfumes, Preowned Preloved and Perfect will help you sell them. However, in order to sell anything, you have to check the conditions that are listed in the highlights on the Instagram page.

Instagram: Preowned Preloved and Perfect

Cairo Flea Market

Ever wonder why Zamalek, especially around the Fish Garden (Aquarium Grotto Garden) always has traffic on specific days? Well, that’s because people from all over Egypt are coming to check out Cairo Flea Market, where old, preloved items from every category you can imagine are showcased and sold. Book your place and reserve your spot to sell whatever it is that you no longer use or need. The booth or table prices are determined by the category your items fall under. Check out the website to know more about the guidelines and prices.

Instagram: Cairo Flea Market

Website: Cairo Flea Market

Redefine Flea Market

Here’s to another flea market, where you can sell whichever item you don’t need at home, be it furniture, household items, kitchen appliances, clothes, or accessories. This flea market would be a treasure hunt for those who don’t live near Zamalek since it’s held in Tagamoa’. Make sure to check their Instagram stories to know when the next flea market is so you can sell your items.

Instagram: Redefine Flea Market


The best thing about Darza is that it has an application where you can view as many items as you want. It is easy to use and simple to navigate. If you want to be an ambassador or seller, contact them so they can tell you everything about the process and pricing.

Instagram: Darza

Dress Up Deal

Dress Up Deal, or simply DUD is fond of making it easier for their customers to sell their unwanted items, giving them a second chance while making money at the same time. This online store is all about sustainability and thrifting, so it’ll help you be good to the environment. Check out their Instagram page and website to know more about selling your items.

Instagram: Dress Up Deal

Website: Dress Up Deal


As the name suggests, Dayra (circle) is another page that promotes sustainability and recycling. Look closely through your closet and get out the items that you no longer need so you can sell in on Dayra. With this store, you’ll get to showcase your items in garage sales and thrift stores whenever they organize flea market events. And oh, did you know that Zeina El-Naggar sells her pre-owned items on Dayra?

Instagram: Dayra

Website: Dayra


If you want to sell your clothes with zero commission, you’ve got to check out Snails. When you’re a fashion lover who adores shopping, but you get easily and quickly bored, you need a place where you can sell and buy second-hand clothes to protect the environment and save money. This place is Snails!

Instagram: Snails

Website: Snails


Eskai is another page where you can sell your unwanted items. You pay predetermined fees for showcasing your items on the website and its profit is 30% of the price you choose for any piece. Read the conditions before submitting your items so you ensure that nothing is unclear about the process.

Instagram: Eskai

Website: Eskai


Dubizzle is a huge website that markets anything you need to promote or sell. It is a great place to sell your products online. Make sure you check the selling conditions before submitting your items.

Instagram: Dubizzle

Website: Dubizzle

Regardless of which store you choose, the items you wish to sell usually go under three categories: brand new with a ticket, brand new without a ticket, and pre-used in good condition. According to which category your items fell under, the prices will be determined. So take a closer look at all these websites and choose whichever works best for you. Happy selling!

Main image credit: Dress Up Deal



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