30 Outfit Ideas to Wear Cargo Pants in a Posh Way
Zeinab El-Fiqi
7/14/20, 12:00 AM

How about you make a wardrobe change this year? Skip the jeans and try out cargo pants. A lot of people are curious about them and wondering what to wear with cargo pants. Cargo pants come in many different styles; there are slim-fitted cargo pants, harem cargo pants, cropped cargo pants, and even denim cargo pants. You can choose to wear your cargo pants with heels, so you can look casual chic, or you can style them with flats and sneakers for a laid-back casual look. Scroll down to see 30 outfit ideas to wear cargo pants in a trendy and sexy way.

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Here are more tips on styling cargo pants

Denim on denim style

Denim on denim is a very stylish and trendy look. When it comes to cargo pants, combining them with denim can create a cool and casual outfit. You can wear them with denim jackets, or you can opt for a denim corset for a stylish look. It would be great to add a simple belt, as it can help define your waist and add a touch of sophistication. 

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Metallic cargo pants 

Metallic cargo pants will totally add a bold and eye-catching element to your outfit. You can wear it at any occasion, but you've got to know how to style it right. If it is for a glamorous night, combine your metallic cargo pants with a fitted white blouse. Layer with a tailored blazer in a complementary color, such as silver. If you are going for a street-chic look, then pair your metallic cargo pants with a cropped black or simple white t-shirt or a graphic tee. You can add an oversized blazer for a stylish twist.

Cargo pants with corset tops

Pairing cargo pants with corset tops can create an interesting and stylish contrast between edgy and feminine elements. Choose a high-waisted pair of cargo pants in a neutral color like black, khaki, or olive green. Opt for a fitted corset top in a complementary color or pattern. Look for corset tops with structured boning for a more defined silhouette.

Crop tops with cargo pants

Crop tops are a great and popular combo with cargo pants, whether they're a loose shirt or a tight one. They really balance out the baggy look of the pants and bring definition to the waist.

Denim cargo pants

You can always wear denim cargo pants if you want to stay on the comfortable side when it comes to styling. They look amazing with a white top, especially if they sit right above the pants.

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Sassy top with cargo pants

For a night out with the girls or when you want to go for something cute, you can pair your cargo pants with a chic top and strappy heels. Nude cargo pants are really chic for a look like this. 

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Throw on a jacket

For when things get a little chilly at night, leather jackets look amazing with cargo pants. You can also throw on an oversized blazer with a crop top.  

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