We're back with the hourglass body shape and this time we're talking about styling printed pants. Printed pants are a great statement piece that is often forgotten about. We think about being interesting tops to wear with jeans and skirts, but we sometimes forget about doing it the other way around. A simple shirt or top with a great pair of printed pants. So let's talk about which ones to choose and how to style them. 

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Note: All body shapes, types and sizes are beautiful. We should all love and appreciate our bodies just the way they are.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing pants for hourglass body types?

1. High-waisted and high-rise pants are your best friend. 

2. Go for bootcut, wide and straight cuts. 

3. Slim fits are also a great option for you. 

4. Don't be afraid to go for bold bright prints. 

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So, how to style printed pants for pear body shapes?

Wide and bootcut legs 

how to style printed pants for hourglass body shape

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This style of fit with printed pants looks great on hourglass body types. It elongates the body, highlights the waist and creates a nice balance to the body shape. You can go for high rise wide straight legged pants, bootcut or flared pants. You can wear this with a simple basic top, a complementary patterned blouse and heels or platforms to further elongate the legs. 

Wear printed pants with a cute crop top

how to style printed pants for hourglass body shape

Printed pants look great with crop tops, especially slim fitted pants. Wearing a crop top with these high rise fits allow you to show off your curves and defined waist. They also distribute volume evenly across the look because of the loud prints Vs. the small top. This kind of look will look great with sandals or sneakers. Also don't forget V-necks and scooped necklines are really flattering for hourglass body types. 

If you want to wear it as a set...

how to style printed pants for hourglass body shape v

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What if you want to wear a matching set? Which are really trending right now, by the way. Matching set tops, a lot of the time, are button ups, so you can keep it open and wear under it a simple top, a sexy lacey camisole or crop top underneath. If you want an overall oversized look like the look on the right here , you can wear a belt or belt bag to define the waist.

High-waisted with top pockets

how to style printed pants for hourglass body shape

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These top pockets with high rise pants, also called top-entry pockets are great pieces for hourglass body shapes. As we said the high-waisted fit defines the waist and these pockets add even more definition to that. This fit is really chic, versatile, and looks amazing with loose blouses and shirts like these. 

Finally, always remember that you can break any fashion rules or make anything work for you. You should never you deprive yourself from wearing a certain piece of clothing. If you feel comfortable and happy with it then wear whatever you want! Also there are so many fashion hacks out there to make any piece of clothing work for you!