The Latest Summer Sandal Trends in 2021 and Where to Shop for Them

Omnia Ibrahim
5/29/21, 12:00 AM

Sandals are a summer classic and their popularity keeps growing and growing. They're everywhere from international to local brands. In addition to being really comfy, they're also very practical and diverse in designs and shapes, depending on the trends. It has become an essential part of a woman's summer wardrobe.

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With the emergence of many different designs for sandals , I decided to share with you the latest modern designs for Summer 2021...

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The latest sandal designs trends for Summer 2021

1. Flatform sandals

trending summer sandals 2021

These were really popular with sneakers. Flatforms are comfy because of the uniform thickness of the heel and at the same time practical and easy to style in the morning with jeans and T-shirts and in the evening with Oversized Dresses.

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2. Strappy sandals

trending summer sandals 2021

These began to spread widely in 2019 and everyone loved their simple shape, yet ability to elevate any outfit with a touch of chicness and femininity. 

I recommend wearing these for your morning events, as the design fits that vibe, especially if the leather is simple and matte.

3. Slip-ons

trending summer sandals 2021

If you're tired of wearing shoes as you go to for a quick run out the door or comfy look, slip ons are a great alternative for summer, especially because wearing socks in summer is sometimes a little difficult. They're effortless, easy and really chic.

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4. Heeled sandals 

trending summer sandals 2021

With the spread of the idea of shorter heels, comfort and ease in styling, modern women still love unique heel designs, which give a sense of elegance, and of course are extremely flattering, for  their evening looks or even work meetings. And so both international and local brands have sexy heels in their collections in the form of strappy sandals and open toed heels. 

Sandals patterns and color trends for summer 2021

Of course, every season has comes with different patterns and colors to stand out this summer, which is why it was important for me to talk separately about the trending patterns and colors this season.

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1. Stripes

trending summer sandals 2021

It is one of the popular patterns in fashion this season, and it has joined the sandals department as well. They can add a lot of liveliness to your looks.

2. Pastels

trending summer sandals 2021

We always versions of pastels in spring and summer, every season. So do not hesitate to experiment with these colors in sandals because they add a soft but special touch to outfits.

3. Snake pattern

trending summer sandals 2021

One of the classic patterns in shoes in general, and we liked the fact that they are available in sandals and open toed shoes this summer 2021. Use them in your classic formal outfits like with a suit to add something interesting to your look. They would also look great with a black dress.

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4. Natural materials, like wicker

trending summer sandals 2021

Wicker and straw are made of raw materials and are treated to make them feel and look suitable for summer shoes and bags. They are durable and are great with beachwear for a lively and light look, or with a summer floral dress for a feminine, but still casual look.

Where to shop for Sandals Summer 2021:

1. Shop mii sandals

Shop mii sandals summer 2021

You can shop Shop mii sandals here.

2. Palma sandals

Palma sandals summer 2021

You can shop Palma sandals here

3. Trust Group sandals

Trust group sandals summer 2021

You can shop Trust Group sandals here.

4. Sandals Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti sandals summer 2021

You can shop Massimo Dutti sandals here.

5. Bershka sandals

Bershka sandals summer 2021

You can shop Bershka sandals here.

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