I am sure all you ladies can relate to that painful moment, when you can no longer tolerate wearing your heels. While there is no quick fix for this problem, there are a few things you can do to wear your high heels without pain.

1. Are you wearing the right size?

The first and most important thing to take care of, is your shoe size. If your heels are too small, they will hurt! Be sure to pick the right shoe size to try and prevent any pain.

2. Foot cushions/Gel inserts.

These are basically soft, or even gel-like shoe insoles that you can put in your heels before wearing them. They will give your feet a cushioned surface to prevent pain when wearing your heels.

3. Thick heels.

Believe it or not, thick heels are actually a lot less painful than thin heels. So try and invest in shoes with thicker heels, it will make the whole process a lot less painful!

4. Length of the heel.

It goes without saying, the higher the shoe heel, the more painful it will be for you. So try to opt for moderate heels, or if you need to wear super high heels, make sure you wear them for a short amount of time. 

5. Try to take breaks.

While it maybe tempting to just dance the night away in your heels, you must remember to take breaks. Be sure to take breaks from the very beginning of the night, not when you are already in a lot of pain, as it is much harder to recover then.

6. Avoid blisters with band aids.

Always, always, always, keep band aids in your handbag when wearing heels. Better yet, if you think your heels can cause you some blisters, than put on some band aids around your ankle or toe beforehand. Blisters and heel pain are too much to handle, so try and control them.

7. Massage and stretch.

This tip is super important, especially for the ladies who wear heels every day. You must massage and stretch your feet and toes after a long night of wearing heels, so your feet can relax and you can prepare them to wear heels the next day again.