When Mall of Egypt and Entreprenelle partner to create an initiative that empowers young female talents and sheds light on local brands made by Egyptian designers, we must celebrate the moment with pride. Elle Studio Creatives Pop-Up Shop hosted by Entreprenelle and Mall of Egypt has made every local brand’s dream come true. This impact-driven collaboration managed to gather plenty of local brands owned by talented designers in one place, where we witnessed more than 20 designers that showcased their fabulous creations and out-of-the-box designs. Lasting until July 15 at Mall of Egypt, this event was a great chance for us to meet some of the talented designers and ask them about their success stories and get some tips for anyone who wants to become a fashion designer.

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We interviewed four distinguished brand owners who shared their fashion tips and advice with us, so keep reading and enjoy.

- Tanis (Comfortable, Trendy, and Sustainable)

The owner of Tanis, Sara ElMokaddem, talked to us about her brand’s new simple yet stylish collection. When she was asked to describe fashion in three words, she said, “comfortable, trendy, and sustainable.” Her new collection is truly comfortable as she uses linen and cotton, which are considered the softest and most comfy materials, especially in the summertime. It’s also trendy, meeting the latest fashion trends and making any woman look stylish, particularly the jogger pants that equally suit hijabis and non-hijabis. Finally, because their line uses sustainable, eco-friendly materials, she supports sustainability and long-lasting clothes.

Sara has also shared some tips for anyone who wants to become a fashion designer. She said that learning and self-improvement are mandatory. Talent is not enough; you should work hard on yourself to learn about designing and, luckily, there are plenty of places that can teach you everything you need to start your own business.

-The Fashion Co. (Passion Made by Love)

“I have to love the designs I make and be able to wear them before sharing them with the world; otherwise, I won’t be able to create designs that people can fall in love with.” With these words, Amira Saleh, the owner of The Fashion Co. described what fashion represents to her. The silk cardigan in her latest collection, for instance, is a ready-to-wear cardigan that can be dressed up or down. The bold colors she chose for her collection can be either styled with contrasting colors (fuchsia with green or yellow with blue) or toned down with neutral shades.

Furthermore, Amira added that becoming a fashion designer is tricky and hard, so the secret behind success is persistence and patience. One may come across a lot of hiccups and challenges in this business, so it is important to keep learning and working harder until you achieve your goal.

-Nada Mohsen Arts (Comfort, Love, and Originality)

Starting out as a painter whose paintings were showcased at galleries, Nada Mohsen has transformed her passion into fashion. She has always been passionate about fashion design, so she merged her two talents and came up with her distinguished brand, Nada Mohsen Arts. When she was asked to describe fashion in three words, she said that it should be original, comfy, and loved. One should love the piece they’re wearing, in which they’re comfortable. Additionally, when someone is creating a brand, their collection should be original, not copied. 

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Nada has also shared an important piece of advice with anyone who wants to become a fashion designer. They need to learn everything about fashion design, even if they’re not going to sew the clothes themselves. A fashion background is mandatory to create your own brand as well as marketing knowledge. It is crucial to know how you’re going to market your line and how to gain revenue.

-House of Asma (Bold, Comfortable, and Timeless)

When Asma Ali, the founder of House of Asma, was asked to describe fashion in three words, she simply said that women should feel confident, hence bold fashion. She added that her clothing line provides women with comfortable pieces that make them feel cozy and snug. Finally, she stands by timeless pieces that can create fabulous outfits. For example, her statement cotton cardigans can be styled differently each time you put them on.

Furthermore, if you want to become a fashion designer, Asma’s advice to you is to let your passion lead your way. “The journey is hard; becoming a successful designer takes a lot of time, patience, and persistence, so you have to believe in yourself and your capabilities,” she added. Asma also urges you not to get distracted by competitors or other designers who create similar products. Always remember your goal and focus on creating something that represents you, rather than copying others.

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In conclusion, we want to express our joy and pride that we have dazzling local brands, owned by Egyptian women who managed to impress women of all ages and sizes and make a name for themselves. On a special note, Fustany wants to thank Mall of Egypt, Entreprenelle and Elle Studios for empowering women and supporting local start-ups. Finally, we urge every woman out there to pursue her passion and be sure that it’s never too late to achieve her dreams and create her own brand.