Feeling fresh and free in summer is something that worries almost every person out there, especially hijabis. Layers, along with the hijab increase heat, but that doesn't mean you can't do things to minimize that heat. We believe that the first and most important step is to find the best hijab material for summer and the best hijab wrap

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The Best Hijab Fabrics and Wraps for Summer:

Hijab material for hot weather

It is better to wear scarves in cotton or linen, especially because they can help absorb sweat easily. If you're looking for a light material that doesn't bother you during a long day, it is preferable to go for chiffon. Also, you could avoid silk fabrics because they're prone to slip easily which annoys a lot of women.

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Cotton Bandana

When looking for a good look that does not make you feel too heated, consider a cotton bandana under your hijab, especially if you're wearing a chiffon fabric or light materials that can slip easily. It will also help you absorb any sweat.

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Hijab wraps for hot weather

There are many hijab wraps that you can choose for summer so you can feel more fresh and free. A Turban wrap is always a great idea or you can style the loose hijab wrap that is really popular among bloggers.

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Hijab Color

The color of your Hijab can really impact how the heat could affect you. So, just like clothes, avoid wearing dark shades like brown and black. Choose scarves in neutral colors like white, ivory, grey, or beige. They're also shades that can match most of your everyday wear.

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