Once again, Farah Emara is going against the grain and encouraging hijabis to stand out by introducing her new turban brand 'by Farah Emara' a brand by a woman for women. After introducing her first brand WaHekaya in 2017 followed by her second brand Nesaaonline now she is doing it again but this time it's dedicated to hijabis in specific.

Here’s all that we know about Farah Emara's new turban brand for hijabis 'by Farah Emara

The 24-year-old fashion blogger posted a video on her IGTV talking about her story with hijab, how she managed to stand in the face of hijab stereotyping throughout the years, and how this inspired her to encourage other girls to be more than just their veil and be comfortable in their own skin. Emara goes on to say that hijab is not as hard as it looks but what might be a challenge is the pre-judgments perceived about it, as she mentioned different situations where she wasn't expected to be cool enough or outgoing. Turning these pre-judgments upside down was her motive to announce her decision of launching her new hijab turban brand by Farah Emara, which is going to be different from WaHekaya her other brand for headpieces.

Emara said: "In WaHekaya, I was trying to create the best of both worlds, headpieces for both hijabis and non-hijabis, but then I came to a point where I had to choose and I felt that it's my duty to dedicate a brand for hijabis specifically cause this is part of who I am."

Farah also highlighted that this brand is a line of turbans and that it's all about being free, whoever you want to be, and getting out of the box of "how people expect you to look or be" as a hijabi. We expect it to have a variety of turban styles and bright colors.

Where can you find it?

So far the Instagram page is not active yet, but a few pieces (re-branded from WaHekaya) are available now on nesaaonline under the turbans By Farah Emara section. We can’t wait to see what she’s been cooking for this brand but for now here’s a glimpse at the pieces available until we get further info and as always keep you posted.

Main image credit: Instagram @farahemara