There are a lot of hijab wraps that come and go in hijab fashion, but the loose hijab wrap has lasted for more than a year and has become the choice of most hijab fashion bloggers. However, some girls find it difficult to wear and style the loose hijab wrap. Don't worry though, it can suit you too, no matter what your face shape is. It also goes with most outfits, whether they're casual or evening looks.

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below for some more ideas on how to style the loose hijab wrap...

How to wear a loose hijab wrap according to your face shape:

Choosing a hijab wrap that flatters your face shape is something we all seek, but it is actually easier than you think with these small hijab fashion tricks. 

Rectangle and Oval Face Shape 


If you have a rectangle or oval face, the loose hijab wrap will definitely suit you in more than one way, whether you want to wear a bandana underneath or not. 

Square Face Shape


If you are a square face shape, you should wear the loose wrap in the traditional chiffon fabric, but have it tapered or pointed in the middle of the forehead, like the Turkish style hijab wrap. You can have the hijab flow loosely to give the look dimension.

A Round Face


If have a round face, you should definitely try this wrap along with showing a little bit of your cotton bandana underneath, but have it pulled backwards and not taking away too much space from your forehead. You can also wear this wrap without the bandana and try to define your face with a simple loose wrap. 

Inverted Triangle or Heart Face Shape


Girls with an inverted triangle or heart face shape can wear a cotton bandana under the veil as well, but have it closer to your forehead. Make sure you go for a light fabric, like chiffon so it can flatter the face.

The right fabric for a loose hijab wrap


Wearing a loose wrap doesn't require a certain fabric. However, it does look amazing with fabrics like Crêpe, linen, chiffon or satin. The choice will mainly depend on your preference. Also, if you have a rectangular or oval face shape, linen and Crêpe fabrics will give the face more dimension and roundness.

The loose hijab wraps trending in 2020


There are so many ways you can style this wrap. We were really inspired by fashion bloggers like Sahar Foad who styles chiffon veils really nicely or Suha who styled thicker fabrics. Each material can be worn in more than one way for a unique look, like tying it in the frot or throwing it back.

Loose hijab wraps for an evening look


Even though you're more likely to wear this wrap for casual everyday wear, it actually looks incredible with evening looks. We loved seeing how bloggers styled them with their dresses and evening wear, having them loosely wrapped and draped to the back for a romantic elegant look.