We're back for another Fall 2020 fashion week update and this time we're showing you all the looks from the runway that Hijabis would love. New York Fashion Week is now over and we're happy to see beautiful hijab outfit ideas that can inspire you from the runway. For me, personally, I saw a lot of runway looks and trends that would help me update my wardrobe, while still going with my hijab style. 

Scroll down to the gallery to see 69 runway looks from Fall/Winter 2021 that would be perfect for Hijabis...

Casual Chic Hijab Outfit Ideas


There are a lot of things in your wardrobe that can be worn in similar way like the runway. Like wearing a big sweater with a pleated or patterned skirt. You can also wear a jumpsuit in a really cool way by wearing it over a sweater and with boots.

Formal Hijab Outfit Ideas


If you're bored of your everyday office outfits you can switch things up by wearing a chic sweater with a skirt. You can also wear one of the most popular trends right now, which is a victorian style blouse and a leather skirt. And of course you can always go for an awesome suit in a bright color to break the routine.

Hijab Evening Looks Ideas


Having a unique evening look is one of the things that Hijabis are always looking for, especially when you have an important event coming up. I found that on New York Fashion week's runway there were a lot of gorgeous evening dress ideas that are modest and really inspiring for a winter event. You can also try wearing a jumpsuit or evening suit.

Abayas and Kaftans from the runway...


It was so refreshing and exciting to see Kaftans and Abaya-style looks from big designers on the runway. Ralph & Rousseau showed the perfect evening Abaya, while Elie Saab presented a very chic modern interpration that we loved!

Main Image Credits: NOWFASHION