Fall 2020 Fashion week was really something to remember. Especially when it came to colors.  So, we has to talk about the best fall 2020 color trends from the runway. There was big variation in colors, most notably blue, fuchsia, green and red, along with some other neutral tones. Without further a do let's dive into the fashion color trends for fall 2020/winter 2021

Olive Green Fashion 

A lot fashion designers had olive green on their runway. It appeared in a variety of pieces. At Tom Ford we saw an olive green skirt, and there were olive green winter dresses at Brandon Maxwell that were really elegant. It is one of those elegant fall shades that can be worn in both a modern and classic way, according to your taste.


Bright Blue Fashion Trend

Bright colors have become a winter fashion trend now and so a lot of bright shades took over fashion week for fall 2020/winter 2021. The most common one was bright blue, which came in embroidered evening dresses and strong suits. 


Red Fashion 

Red is a staple color that will always make its way in winter and summer fashion, but it was really present this year at the fall 2020 fashion shows. You can choose to wear it either as a coat or a sexy feminine evening dress. We also love this red jacket, black skirt combo.undefined

Pastel Blues 

This angelic pastel blue or baby blue is a beautiful shade for winter. It was also very popular this year with designers and you can wear pastel sweaters, baby blue coats or dresses for a soft heavenly fall or winter look that is a little untraditional.


Fuchsia and Pink Fashion 

Fuchsia and pink were also strong popular colors this fashion week. We fell in love with Tom Ford's monochrome sweater and sequin skirt combos. If you like bold modern looks, pink is definitely a  great option to consider for next year's fall, especially in suits and coats. 


So much green...

Green is always so interesting to see on the runway. There was a diversity between bright and deeper green shades, so it would be easy for you to shop according to your preference and skin tone. 


Beige and Camel Shades 

Fall and winter colors cannot be complete without shades of beige, brown and camel. You must have at least one one these in your closet, it's a classic winter shade that is really chic and loved by so many.


Neon Fashion Trend


Neon fashion is still making its way on the catwalks for fall/winter 2020/2021. Neon fashion came not only in sportswear, but also with evening dresses! Orange, green, yellow and pink were seen most commonly.

Yellow Fashion Trend


Just like many other bright shades were popular this year, so was yellow. It also varied between casual wear, coats and jumpsuits, to satisfy the taste of every woman looking for an unique look in the winter. 

Bright Orange 


Really bright pops of orange were also seen on the runway, varying in tones and degrees, which is great for those wanting to wear the color, but in a shade that suits their skin tone. Don't hesitate to try orange this year for a bold look.

All Image Credits: NOWFASHION