Turtlenecks are a winter classic and an especially popular trend recently. For hijabis it might come as a bit of a challenge when it come to choosing which hijab wrap to wear with a turtleneck. Because sometimes you want the turtleneck to be visible without the headscarf covering it. 

So let's show you how to wear your hijab with turtlenecks in a couple of different ways:

Kuwaiti Hijab Wrap


This is one of the really chic and elegant ways to wear your headscarf with a turtleneck sweater.  Tuck your veil into your turtleneck and pick a soft cotton material so it doesn't crinkle too much.  Check out how blogger Dalal AlDoub wore it. It is a great way to make your look elegant especially with classic staple winter pieces.

Classical Hijab Wrap


This classic chic hijab wrap is a great way to go with turtlenecks. We recommend you choose a squared headscarf and fold it in two so that it forms a triangle. Now you can wrap it normally as you normally do and your turtleneck sweater will naturally cover it so that it ends up looking like the picture above.

Turban Hijab Wrap


If you're a turban girl, then this is easy for you. You can go for a simple turban wrap or a knotted turban wrap. Learn how to tie a bow turban here.  You can also wrap your headscarf at the back so that it falls on your shoulders and back, leaving your turtleneck to show. 

Loose Hijab Wrap


A lot of hijabi fashion bloggers go for this option. Loose hijab wraps are easy and comfortable, you don't have to worry about pins and complex wrapping. Just wrap it loosely as you usually do and tuck what's left of it in your sweater or throw it to the back. This is better with more oversized turtleneck sweaters. 

Check out below more inspiration for hijab wrap ideas with turtlenecks for morning and evening looks.