In the morning, sometimes it's hard to put in the effort to look cute quickly and with minimal effort and thinking. Bananas and turbans are one of the fastest ways you can give your look a kick of glam, especially for short haired girls. This is a perfect opportunity to show you different bandana wraps for short hairstyles

How to pick a bandana shape?

The shape of your bandana is super important for the wrap you want to make. If you're looking to pick a wrap that ties in the front or to the side you should go for a rectangular bandana. It will make it easier for you to wrap and gain control of the bandana while wrapping it, giving you the desired look. However, if you're looking to wrap a bow turban or bow tie in front, you should go for a square shaped bandana or turban. 

How to pick the bandana material?

The most important thing to ask yourself is...does you head hurt or do you get headache when you wear bandanas? If yes, then you should go for satin or silk bandanas or scarves because they're light and won't add too much pressure on your head. The second thing you should ask yourself is...are you looking for a material that won't slip easily or move around too much? If so, then you should go for chiffon or cotton bandanas.

Ways to wear a bandana...

We wanted to present you with a bandana tutorial consisting of 5 different ways you can wrap your bandana or turban. If you happen to have any one of the types of bandanas mentioned above, go grab it now and follow the tutorial. Also don't forget to show us the end result! We'd love to see it.