The chicness of a silk scarf, or faux silk scarf, is undeniable. No matter their length, shape or design, you can instantly amp up your look with this high fashion accessory. I recently bought a nautical, gorgeous one from H&M, went home and then had no idea how to wear it. I googled it and was presently surprised with the many different options to wearing them. You have no idea how much it can transform a boring outfit into something incredibly interesting and eye catching. I wore my scarf as a belt a couple of times and got so many compliments on my outfit, even though it was incredibly simple. Additional tip, they almost always look great with a red lip!

You can wear them as a hair bandana, a headscarf, a wrist accessory, a belt, a bag accessory, a hair tie, a sexy bandeau top and some more... Here are the different ways you can wear your silk scarf for summer, they also look gorgeous with beach wear. Scroll down to take a look at the styling options.