Huge statement earrings are totally trending right now. From big fat hoops to dangling beauties. Not all of us are daring enough to go big, but some are curious about the trend and how it can completely transform the face and outfits. I'll show you the steps you can take to slowly transition yourself into getting used to have a gorgeous high fashion statement piece on your ears.

1. Start with studs. You're used to your small ones and you're scared of taking a step into dangling earrings. Take it slow with a bigger stud or ear jackets. It will help you start getting used to having something noticeable on your ears.

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2. As for hoops, you can start with small mini hoops. They will get you used to the shape hugging your ears and they're great for stacking.

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3. Start moving from there to bigger hoops and maybe skip the dangling earrings that are too long or big. Just introduce yourself to something that will hang lower than what you're used to.

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4. Here is when your start going big. You loved adding an accessory to your ear and you're getting greedy for more. Go for length and a statement with something that is not just an accessory anymore but the outfit statement itself!

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5. This is the moment you've been waiting for. Here you're finally going for the earrings everyone can't take their eyes off. Tassels and a combination of hoops an dangle are the way to go!

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @harperandharley