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| by Salma Khattab

These Tricky Lazy-Day Outfit Ideas Will Be as Effortless as Your 'Isdal'

Who doesn't find the "isdal" (coverup) a practical and quick solution when you want to go out yet have no time to dress up? Come on, we all do! Yes, it's comfy to grab your car in your one-piece isdal, yet, you might feel anxious about how you look if you come across someone you know while you drop off your kids to school.

The collection of comfy outfit ideas we've gathered for you solves this dilemma. Pick what suits you in the morning and voila! In no time you'll be ready to take your kids to school or go for a quick coffee run in the morning.

Main Image Credits by order: Instagram @heyyybell, @hae146, @ashley.styles13

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