Unfortunately, it is very common for us to get bored with our wardrobe and how we look. We wake up, get dressed, look in the mirror and crave something different. So we change our lipstick color habits, we go buy a new jacket or in this case, for hijabis, you can change how you wrap your hijab. A lot of my friends who wear the hijab get really bored of their everyday headscarf look and they aim to try new looks but can't seem to know how to wrap them.

Recently, I came across hijab blogger Saira on Instagram and I fell in love with how she wraps her hijab in a Bow Turban. Her hijab bow turban wrap gives her a unique, modern and chic look. Saira must of noticed her audience's love for her hijab because she made a video showing on how to wrap the bow turban using a square scarf. I wanted to share this video with my friends and with you guys so you can maybe try something a little different.

Check out this hijab bow turban tutorial below!

Video and All Image Credits: Instagram @shazaira