Each season more trends come up and change how we see our daily clothing essentials, among them are Abayas. We've seen a lot of Abaya trends before that caught our attention and bloggers' attention as well. Abaya trends 2020 are all about pleated Abayas and ruffled Abayas and they're just as exciting as, if not more than, previous trends. They're the perfect way of adding a modern, yet classic touch to your essential Abayas. They've become the choice of many fashion bloggers lately and they give such a cool and sophisticated look for different types of occasions and looks

Pleated Abaya Trend

When pleats dominated the fashion world and especially skirts, it was only about time to start seeing pleats in Abayas as well. It was a prominent choice for a lot of fashion bloggers and a potentially very strong Abaya trend for 2020. They are also suitable for morning and evening looks, but the best thing about them is how they can look so glam and chic when they're dressed up.

Ruffled Abaya Trend

This year ruffled Abayas really appealed to us because of how diverse they can be. The ruffles vary and can be on the sleeves, the ends, or the entire Abaya. They can also come in different sized and shapes, so there a lot of options to choose from. Abayas with ruffles are practical and you can wear them everyday without getting bored.

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @haneenalsaify