Abayas, a staple item in any hijabi woman's closet. It's the perfect piece to put on at any time of day and look so stylish in the various designs they come in nowadays. Abayas are also perfect for special occasions -especially religious ones- such as Ramadan or Eid.

If you have yet to find your favorite places to buy amazing abayas with trendy designs and great quality, check out this list of the best local stores and boutiques in Emirates to find abayas, kaftans and jalabiya to wear at home.

1. Mauzan

Mauzan is considered one of the biggest luxury fashion brand in the Middle East. It was established in 1990 by designer Rafia Helal Bin Drai and offers a selection of classic and chic abayas, kaftans, headscarves and sheilas with a modern twist. You can find their boutiques in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and AlAin.

2. Hessa Falasi

Emirati fashion house Hessa Falasi is one of the most popular Abaya brands in the GCC area. They specialize in modest fashion for hijabis and non hijabis alike where you can find abaya and kaftan designs for all times of the day, from morning styles to evening looks. Hessa Falasi focus on trying out different fabrics in their designs so it's almost guaranteed that you will find something you'll love.

3. Effa Fashion

Another very well known abaya brand among Arabs is "Effa", established in 2007 by Effa Al Dabbagh. Effa Fashion has a mix of classic and modern abayas that are always in tune with the latest trends and offer many colored abayas and home jalabiyas too.

4. The Esthetics

If you are looking for unique abayas that has unusual vibes, then look no more! The Esthetics is your go-to brand. They are known for making their abayas stand out with very creative designs and modern touches.

5. NAFS Designs

Based in Dubai, NAFS Designs is another Emirati Abaya brand that would fit your day to day needs. Their designs are very simplistic and focus more on cuts and color rather than prints or embroidery. Some of our favorite abaya styles we've seen from them, are the layered ruffles and the pleated abayas.

6. Arabesque Abayas

The classic abaya is a closet staple for any Khaleeji woman, which is why that is the focus of Arabesque Abayas in their designs. They have a beautiful elegant taste to their designs which appeals to many ladies. You'll be surprised to know that the head designer is actually from France! Judith Duriez, managed to understand the needs of Arab women and cater to them perfectly since 2001 when she started the Emirati based brand.

7. Slouchyz

Minimalist abayas is the approach Slouchyz designer Maryam Al Selaich decided on when she started her brand. Though it is a fairly new label, she has established herself as one of the top abaya brands in the United Arab Emirates. Her focus is on open front abayas that are simple, practical and stylish.

8. Feryal AlBastaki

Luxury is the word you should think of when it comes to Feryal AlBastaki's abayas. She makes abayas that are usually in neutral shades but combines both modern and classical elements. She also has elegant embroidered kaftans that would be perfect for special events. That's not all she offers though, Feryal AlBastaki also makes kids clothing that has an oriental and Khaleeji style too.

9. Bedazzled Boutique

The two sisters Fatma & Shayma Al Suwaidi started Bedazzled Boutique in 2010 and since then they have been consistent in making abayas and hijabi dresses that look modern and trendy while also staying true to their simplistic nature. They love to work with different colors and embroidery.

10. Soha MT Collection

Soha MT Collection is an up and coming label but in my opinion it is one to look out for. As a hijabi Arab woman she understands their needs and makes sure to cater to them in her designs. She designs abayas, kaftan dresses and modest wear which can be seen on many fashion bloggers.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @sohamt.collection