Some hijabis are always on the hunt for the prefect modern abayas. Abayas are now following modern trends and a lot of interesting abaya designs are coming out for 2020. So let's look through some of the latest abaya trends for 2020. 

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Velvet Abayas


The velvet abaya trend started last year and is still going strong for 2020. A lot of fashion bloggers have worn velvet abayas recently, among them Mariam Mohammad. We've seen these abayas come in many different designs. Some are open in the front and others included different fabrics like linen. Velvet abayas could work for both you afternoon and evening looks. 

Two-Tone Abaya Trend


This is a more bold, but very interesting abaya trend that is also very popular among fashion bloggers. The two-tone trend has been popular for a while now and we're glad to see it looking stunning with abayas too. We love how Fatma Husam styled them. 

Wrap Abayas 


Wrap Abayas are also a great chic abaya style to have in your wardrobe in 2020. They're very simple but also very flattering because they define the waist. They also feel comfortable and look effortless. They can be worn for morning and night looks. 

Puff Sleeve Abaya Trend


We all have seen by now the puff sleeve trend everywhere and we can't get over how great these puff sleeve abayas look. It is a statement and a great one indeed. It also came in a few different designs, with the entire sleeve puffed or either the lower end of the sleeve or upper.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @haneenalsaify