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55 Photos to Show Every Hijabi How to Style Abayas in the Trendiest Way Ever

Zeinab El-Fiqi
6/18/20, 12:00 AM

Abayas are just so chic, and these 55 abaya outfit ideas will help every hijabi know how to wear abayas and style this versatile and modest clothing piece in the trendiest way ever. 

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When you scroll down to see the abaya photos, you’ll realize that abayas have changed a lot in the past few years The latest abaya styles in 2020 are really modern and they come in many designs, shapes and styles to satisfy every woman’s taste. 

In fact, nowadays, abaya fashion is not just not for women wearing hijab only; some street style stars and fashion bloggers are wearing them in many different ways now.

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Don’t believe me? Then you probably have to see for yourself, so don’t waste any more time and scroll down to see some beautiful abaya looks.

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How to style abayas:



A lot of women wonder why to wear under a abaya, and one of the modern tricks for styling abayas is actually layering. You can wear a dress or outfit underneath to bring the look together or add a contrast in color or you can even throw on a kaftan style piece or kimono to add more dimension to your look. 

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Trench Style Abaya


We've been seeing trench style abayas in a lot of different designs, some with buttons and others with an addition of beautiful belts to wrap around the waist. They're actually a great modern way to wear a abaya and will leave you the freedom to style it however you want. 

Abaya Dress Style 


Abaya dresses are absolutely gorgeous and they give the comfort and chic style of a abaya but with the sophistication and freedom of a dress. They're great for evening events and your can wear them with your favorite pair of heels and a beautiful evening bag.

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Monochrome Abaya Look


When in doubt go monochrome. Monochrome abaya looks are so chic. Just match your entire outfit with the same color shades, like nudes or pastels and maybe get creative with the shoes and jewelry, adding pops of silvers and gold.

Friday Fashion Fits: How to Style a Monochrome Beige Hijab Outfit.

Abaya Sleeve Detail


Since balloon and puffy sleeves are really trending right now, we've been seeing it in abayas as well. They add such a modern cool twist on the look and they can be exactly what you need for a special event. 

Classic All Black Abaya Look


The black abaya is a classic and is still loved for its chicness and simplicity. To bring more depth to your look, wear a sheer scarf with a pattern so the look isn't too flat. Also don't be scared to pull out your favorite sandals and statement handbag.

Accessorizing Abayas


When it comes to abayas, accessories are key and bloggers have mastered the art of accessorizing their abayas. It can be as simple as wearing beautiful heels and a stunning bag or even adding more to the look with special jewelry and of course your sunglasses. With your shoes and bags we suggest to go for contrast, wear bright colors or a shade that will pop against your abaya. 

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