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| by Nada Abbady

Layering Tricks to Turn Any Outfit Into Hijabi Chic

Well, we all Hijabis have been missing out on all the silk slips, apron dresses, spaghetti strap maxis and summery jumpsuits for years. And as we all know finding a Hijab wear alternative in stores is never easy and sometimes almost impossible, so let me introduce you to the layering-under that will turn any piece into Hijabi chic, brought back from the 80’s and worn by many celebrities nowadays.

Here’s how to style hijab outfits with a shirt under a dress or top, the do’s and don’ts, and my favorite looks.

How to style a shirt under a dress/top

For the styling part, your humble long sleeve T-shirt is gonna do most of the work regarding the hijab casual and summer outfits, as for work and a bit formal look your button down shirts and blouses are going to do the trick. Aside from this, almost all of your long sleeved shirts can take part, as long as you put the right combination. And in order to get it right, you need to keep in mind the do’s and don’ts below, but first, let me show you my favorite style ideas for this look.

Favorite style ideas for hijab outfits

Layering under a slip dress

- A midi/maxi party dress styled with a turtle neck and some white sneakers. This outfit will add a classy touch to your hijab, stylish and comfy all at once.

Layering Trick to Turn Any Outfit Into Hijabi Chic- Fustany-party dressLayering Trick to Turn Any Outfit Into Hijabi Chic- Fustany-dress

Image credits: (STEAL THE LOOK), Instagram @jasminefares

Layering under tank tops

- A long sleeve shirt with a tank top, is an easy hijab morning look perfect for a casual laid back style.

Layering Trick to Turn Any Outfit Into Hijabi Chic- Fustany-weekend outingLayering Trick to Turn Any Outfit Into Hijabi Chic- Fustany-Tank top

Image credits: Pinterest (Fashionchick), Instagram: @hodanyousuf

- Take your average hijab work outfit to the next level, with a black spaghetti strap top and style it with checkered pants or a pencil skirt.

Layering Trick to Turn Any Outfit Into Hijabi Chic- Fustany-work outfit undefined

Image credits: Instagram @sophie., @hodanyousuf

Layering under T-shirts

 - This look is vintage, effortless and super cool, match your oversized T-shirt with a long sleeved shirt and get the ultimate street style.

Layering Trick to Turn Any Outfit Into Hijabi Chic- Fustany-street styleLayering Trick to Turn Any Outfit Into Hijabi Chic- Fustany-hijab street style

Image credits: Instagram @reversedenim, @hodanyousuf

Layering under an evening dress

- This one might seem a bit odd to you, but you can actually layer under an evening dress and look super fancy, just like the hijab blogger Aya Elshehaby did with this look.

Now that you've got the inspiration for layering hijab outfits, don't forget the do’s and don’t.

Do’s of layering shirts under sleeveless pieces:

- Do wear a striped shirt under plain and denim pieces.

- Do wear a button-down under tank tops and Bustier.

- Do wear a mesh/lace/chiffon blouse under your pieces for a professional look.

- Do wear long and layered necklaces to give a bonus to this look.

Don'ts of layering shirts under sleeveless pieces:

- Don’t match two patterned/printed pieces together.

- Don’t wear it on joggers or sweat pants unless you can really pull it off.

- Don’t layer two pieces with the same color or material unless it’s black or white.

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