Finding daily hijab outfits that suit you and look chic and modern, is not as hard as people seem to think. In the past, we talked about the different body types, how you find yours, and what outfits flatter which body type the most. So in continuation of that, today we're talking about how to choose hijab outfits for your body type

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Hijab Outfits for Hourglass Body Type


Which Dresses to Copy According to Your Body Shape.

This body type has broad shoulders, a thin waist, and curvy hips. Here are some tips to help your outfits look balanced for your modest looks. 

1. Wear fitted pants in a dark color and pair them with a long shirt to balance out the outfit. The shirt should be slightly loose, which will make it more flattering, but also not too oversized so it  doesn't broaden the upper body too much. And since you have a small waist, accentuate it with an elegant belt.

2. As for dresses, choose something that defines the waist and is loose on top and open wider at the bottom. This will give such a balanced flattering look. Also, the more V-neckline the dress has, the more it balances out the shoulder width.  

3. As for skirts, wide skirts that are defined at the waist are incredibly flattering on your body shape. Wear it with a simple plain shirt and stay away from patterns. 

Note: The more you wear pieces that are free of patterns, especially in the fuller parts of the body, the more subtle they look.

How to Know What Your Body Type Is.

Hijab Outfits for Pear Body Shape


This body shape, is fuller at the lower part of the body and thinner at the top. Usually they're curvy at the bottom, and the shoulders aren't wide.

1. It's really flattering for you to go for wide pants or charleston trousers with a high waist. They're modern and are great for modest wear.

2. For tops, there are two options. Either go for pattern-free but brightly colored tops, to widen your upper body, or go for layered and ruffled tops. That way you create more balance in your outfit between the upper and lower body. 

3. Whatever piece you choose to wear, whether it's a dresses, skirt or pants, make sure the waist is high, above your actual midline. Especially if you want to elongate your lower body. .

4. Try to stay away from skirts or dresses that are too loose, at the bottom, so it doesn't break off the balance between the hips and the shoulders. Go for something that is not too loose. 

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Hijab Outfits for Rectangle Body Shapeundefined

This body type is really easy to style, it just needs a few tips and tricks that will help you understand styling better.

1. Choose pants, skirts and even dresses with detailing at the bottom, like ruffles, pleats, etc...

2. To give the body more dimension, define the waist with a wide belts or pick a blouse with ruffles at the shoulders or with puffy sleeves.

3. Avoid plain maxi dresses without any detail.

Tips for dressing for your body type: 

1. Dark clothes makes areas look slimmer and vice versa.

2. Always create a balance between the upper and lower part of the body.

3. Defining the waist is a great tip for any body type. The only difference is that the definition can be at the actual waist or slightly higher, like for pear body types. 

4. Finally, these are all just small tricks that will help your outfit look flattering. But, they are in no way saying that your body isn't beautiful and that you should hide imperfections. There are no imperfections, we're all beautiful and different. 

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