When trying to figure out what would look the best on you, you first need to identify your body shape. How do I know my body shape? Well, women’s body shapes are mainly divided into 6 categories: Pear, Apple, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle and Triangle. Each body type has its special features, which can be taken consideration when choosing your outfits and when trying to find out what flatters you the most.

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How do I know my body shape?


To answer this question, stand in front of a mirror wearing a figure hugging top and leggings and take note of your shoulder, waist and hip width and their ratios to each other.

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1. Get a tape measure.

2. Get a pen and paper for taking notes.

3. Start taking your body measurements and write them down.

- Measure your breast area (wrap the tape around the chest).

- Your shoulder width (optional)

- Measure your waist.

- Now take your hip measurement.

4. Now number the measurements from largest to smallest.

Note: If the difference in measurement is just 1 or 2 cm, it can be considered equal.

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What is your body type?

1. Pear Body Shape


If your hip area is bigger than your chest and waist, you have a pear shaped body. 

For example, if your hip measures 100 cm, your waist is 86 cm and chest is 81 cm, this show that your body is pear shaped with smaller shoulders, a thinner waist and broad hips.

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2. Apple Body Shape 


If the waist is larger than your chest and hip, your body type is an apple. With medium to broad shoulder, a wider waist and medium to wide buttocks. 

For example, if your waistline is 120 cm, the chest is 110 cm and the hips are 100 cm, then you're definitely an apple body type. 

3. Hourglass Body Shape


The hourglass body has similar sized shoulders and hips and a slim waist. If your shoulders and hips are equal or the difference between them is 1 or 2 cm, with a small waist circumference, then your body type is the hourglass.

For Example: If your chest is 98 cm and your hips are are 100 cm with the waist is 76 cm, this is definitely an hourglass. 

4. Inverted Triangle Body Shape


An inverted triangle body shape is the opposite of the pear body type. This means that if your chest is larger than your waist and hip, you have an inverted triangle.

If your chest is 100 cm, waistline is 86 cm and hip is 81 cm, you have an inverted triangle body shape, which is wider shoulders, and almost similarly slimmer waist and hips.

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5. Rectangle Body Shape


With a rectangular body shape, probably most of the measurements will be really close. The waist is not defined and there may not be a lot of curves.

For Example: If your chest is 91 cm, hips are 94 cm and waist 89 cm, this is the rectangle body shape.

6. Triangle body Body Shape

This body shape is characterized by wider hips, which are usually larger than the shoulders, chest and waist.

Example: If the hips are 100 cm, while the waist is 86 and chest is 81, this is a triangle body shape.

Now that you know your body shape, you can take a look at how to style clothes according to your body type...

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