We all love to wear dresses in all their different styles, whether it's for our casual or evening looks. And every year we get excited to see in stores what's new for dress trends, especially summer dresses. So we're going to be breaking down the top dress trends in 2020 and we're super excited because this year, they're really interesting and exciting but also totally wearable. Let's begin...

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Summer Dresses Trends 2020:

White Dresses Trend


This is one this year's overall top trends. White dresses are all the rage for daytime looks and night looks. They can be worn in the morning with flats or sneakers and at night with beautiful stilettos or heeled sandals. They also suit everyone!

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Tiered Dresses


Tiered dresses are also a trend this year and a lot of street style stars love them for simple morning looks. The choice of many fashion bloggers in the simple morning looks. There's such a simple but lively addition to anyone's summer wardrobe.

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Polka Dot Dresses


With polka dots, you can go in many different directions. You can choose a femine classic look that is nostalgic or go for a more modern look with structured shoulders. Black and white dresses suit most women, but you want something bold, by all means go for a bright color.

Tropical Print Dresses


Tropical prints were a hit on the runway for summer 2020. Remember JLo on the Versace runway? They come in very different styles and event the prints can be so different, from subtle to bold, to suit everyone's style. 

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Chiffon Dresses


Simple dresses are most girl's choice and so chiffon dresses are definitely going to be a popular pick this year. Most fashion bloggers can't stop wearing them, especially for their evening looks. They're so beautiful and flattering, especially in soft pastel tones. 

Dresses with Feathers


Celebrities love this trend for red carpet gowns, remember how much feathers we saw in last year's Met Gala? They're gorgeous and glamorous and they don't have to be as dramatic as they may seem. You can still wear a dress with feathers that is simple and subtle.

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Off the Shoulder Dress Trend


The feminine classic is back again for 2020 dresses. The best thing about it, is that it looks just as great with cocktail dresses as it does with evening dresses. They're incredibly flattering and chic. Also, make sure you pick a dress that is amazing with your body type. 

Pleated Dresses


After the pleated skirt dominated fashion last year, it's now moved on to full on pleated dresses for this summer 2020.  It's a unique piece that every girl should have in her closet. As soon as I saw them, I was very encouraged to buy one myself to give my summer looks some edge and elegance. 

Balloon-Sleeved Dresses 2020


The 80s is still going strong and balloon and puffy sleeves are everywhere in stores. Fashion bloggers are loving this fashion statement. It's extremely flattering for both casual and evening wear and you can find a style that matches your taste because there are so many different types in stores. 

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Sequin Dresses 2020


One of the most striking trends this year has been sequin dresses. Although it's a statement, it's considered also a classic for evening wear. The more trend is actually wearing sequin dresses in more untraditional ways, even for a day look. Also, for hijabs, you can match your headscarf color with a similar shade to your dress and you've got yourself a great evening look.