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Friday Fashion Fits: All the Different Ways You Can Style a White Shirt

Mai Atef
6/12/20, 12:00 AM

A white shirt is a wardrobe essential to every woman, a piece we can't live without, and at times I get bored -just like you- from wearing it in the same traditional way. So, here are some tips and style ideas to wear it and to ensure your style is always up to date. I also gathered for you 40 unique ways you can wear a white shirt and style it differently.

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How to wear a white shirt with jeans in a unique way?


In order to pull off this look, you need to be careful when choosing a pair of jeans that stand out, such as an embroidered or printed jeans like the fashion blogger Lana El Sahely. In case you're a minimal woman that goes for simplicity, then you should try the white shirt with a mom or boyfriend jeans.

Colored high waist pants are the best choice with a white shirt


High waist pants or paper bag pants are considered the best pieces to style with a white shirt, it will give you an ultra-modern look, especially with summer looks this year, so find yourself a color that suits your taste, or go for neutral shades if you wanna formal classy look for work.

Why is a white shirt considered a wardrobe essential?


A white shirt is essential in every girl's wardrobe even if she's a Hijabi, you can wear it under revealing dresses or short blouses and you can also style it with a scarf as Nelly Karim did. And any girl can make use of her traditional white shirt by updating her old looks as tank tops, dresses, blouses, and another thing is that the color white would go with pretty much everything.

A white shirt with a skirt for a fabulous look


Skirts are one of the most practical pieces, that make you look fabulous no matter which cut is it, either straight, A-line, or patterned or even tight. you can style any skirt in your wardrobe with a white shirt at any time, at work with a pencil skirt, or in the morning with a simple skirt, or even in the afternoon with a leather skirt and we all know you can never go wrong with a satin skirt in the evening.

How can you change the way you wear a white shirt?


Of course, you got bored from wearing your white shirt in the same old way, but you can always find new ways, as you can tie it from the front on a skirt or jeans, or wear it unbuttoned and tie it from the edge on top of a short dress as Hadia Ghaleb's look, also you can tuck it in from one side like fashion bloggers.


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