What do you think of when it comes to 80s outfits? For me, its neon, puffy sleeves, and leather. Fashion trends are always ever-changing and as much as it's exciting when it comes to online clothes shopping, it can be overwhelming. So, if you're curious about 80s fashion for 2020, we've gathered over 40 80s items from online women's clothing stores, like H&M, Zara and Mango, so you can shop for your 80s outfits with a little less confusion. 

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80s outfits and items from online clothing stores


When it comes to clothes, to a lot of people's relief, things aren't too dramatic. Just look for a puffy sleeve, pronounced shoulder for a blazer, a few patterns here and there, and most importantly beautiful acid wash denim jeans. 

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80s jewelry trend


80's jewelry seems to be a hit this year, with things like random quirky beading, big chains, and a lot of color. I have my eye on this shell necklace, although I have no idea when and where to wear it. However, 80s style jewelry like this is a good way to add an 80s flair to your outfit in a more subtle way. 

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80s handbag trends


There are a lot of 80s inspired handbags on the market as well, from small clutches in dramatic colors and metallic sheens to beaded handles that are perfect for summer. If you're looking for more wearable options there are plenty of those too. 

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80s style shoe trends


When it comes to 80s fashion, shoes ranged from colorful heels to chunky leather boots and white sneakers. Yes, chunky boots with skirts, can it get more 80s than this? I loved the options in stores because they were still really chic, wearable and very modern. And who said there's anything wrong with pulling out a gold metallic boot for a night out? 

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