The Latest Summer Sandals Trends That We Can't Wait to Put On!

Mai Atef
6/8/20, 12:00 AM

Summer sandals are a blessing to our outfits and wardrobe. They can help you constantly make an outfit look chic, summery, and femininely effortless. So we gathered the latest summer sandals trends for 2020, so you can style them for both your casual and formal looks...

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Sandals with Ankle Straps


One of the most popular sandals in 2020 are ones with a chain or jewelry ankle straps. It's such a cool and unique look and if you're not into chains, sandals with regular ankle straps are just as big as a trend. 

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Thong Sandals


Thong sandals are everywehre this year, especially with a heel. They're a subtle and easy going way to add flare to your summer look and make it look super elegant and dressy. 

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Square Toe Sandals


This trend is going strong from last summer. We've seen it on a lot of bloggers and in street style. It suits most modern summer looks and is such a flattering unique piece to have on hand, for both your morning and evening looks.

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Quilted Leather Mules


Bottega Veneta's quilted leather sandals are iconic and so the trend has filled wardrobes and the streets. Leather mules and so chic and the best kind of fashion throwback. They're quite literally so easy to slip on and style for most of your looks.  

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Strappy Heel Lace Up Sandals


Heeled sandals have always been around one way or another. However, what has been a real hit recently are strappy lace-up sandals.  It's been seen recently worn in a lot of fun ways like tied over pants. 

Summer Wedge Sandals 2020


Wedges are back!  We thought we'd never see the day but here we are. Wedges are back in trend in a couple of different ways, but mostly as mules which are really chic, versatile, and much more comfortable than regular heels. 

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Platform Sandals With Two Straps


Platform sandals are really in, but even flats with 2 straps have been released by so many brands, a 90s hit that has also returned. It's great for casual looks and will give you the freedom to move around all day as you like. 

Sandals with Acrylic Heels


Acrylic sandals appeared from time to time whether with a transparent strap or just the heel. It's a simple and beautiful piece that is also unconvential and special, so you get the best of both worlds. 

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