You asked us to show you how to wear a scarf in your hair and I can't tell you how happy I was to hear that. I love wearing scarves and bandanas and so I couldn't wait to show you the many ways to wear a scarf with different hairstyles...

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below for some more hairstyle ideas with scarves...

Different ways to wear a silk scarf in your hair

How to tie a scarf in your ponytail


If you want to elevate your ponytail, this simple scarf wrap will do the trick. Just pick a scarf pattern or color that makes you happy and tie it securely around your hair tie. Your ponytail can be high or low, it looks great with both. And it's especially beautiful with curly hair. 

Here's how to style your curly hair in different ways, according to your mood or occasion.

How to tie a scarf with braids


When I used to have long hair, I would often braid it but I eventually got really bored and so I wanted more creative ways of styling the braids. I would have loved to try either of these...You can just do a regular braid and tie the scarf at the end or  you can actually braid the scarf with your hair for a beautiful ethereal look.

How to tie a scarf with a hair bun


Summer is coming soon, which means it's time for us to bring our hair up in buns. So, how about bringing a touch of sophistication to your hair bun? You can tie the scarf around the bun like the one on the left. Or you can actually place your bun inside the scarf completely, like this picture on the right.

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How to style a scarf with a half updo


If you are a fan of half up half down hairstyles, you will fall in love with styling it with a scarf. You can tie your scarf in a bow around your half up bun or pony tail. Or you can let the scarf fall and flow with you hair.

5 ways to wrap a bandana with short hair

We have a step by step tutorial, showing you how to tie a scarf with your short or pixie hairstyles for a cute, unique look.