Here's How to Style Your Curly Hair for Any Occasion or Mood!

Farida Abdel Malek
12/19/19, 12:00 AM

Girls are always looking for different ways to style their natural curly hair easily at home with no heat and no effort for any event or mood they're having. Beautiful natural curly hair has character and always makes outfits and makeup looks more interesting and unique, so we had to talk about how to style curly hair and show you options for curly hairstyles  for different events and according to the style or outfit you're going for...

1. Curly Hair Bun and Updos

There's of course the infamous pineapple which all curly haired girls love. It's comfortable practical and actually flattering especially if you have short hair or bangs. Allow the curls to fall on your face and frame it. Curly buns and even half up-half down hairstyles are great for everyday looks, and they actually be very chic for a night out. 


2. Wedding hairstyles for curly hair

A lot of girls are still hesitant about leaving their hair natural on their wedding day. Maybe, it's because they're not sure how to style it. Curly hair can actually be beautiful with your wedding look, it's just about finding a good curly hair stylist to help perfect everything and manage the hairstyle. There are different directions you can take, first of all headpieces are beautiful with natural curly hair, you can put one on the side or bring your hair to the back and hold it with the headpiece. There's also the option of letting your hair free as it is. 


3. Accessorizing curly hair

So, you want to change things up and accessorize your hair, maybe you want it out of your face today. Why not try turbans? They're really pretty and there are endless options. You can also slick down the front part of your hair and add hair pins. I love the 3rd picture, where you can tie your hair back and accessorize your pony tail all the way to the end. Gorgeous. Pick one of these options depending on your mood or event, turbans are great for everyday and travel. Hair pins are cute and chic for events and evening dresses. 


4. Just let it be...

This is a mood we all tend to have, which is just to let it be. Don't fuss around too much and let your hair speak for itself. Curls are a beautiful statement, so wether your hair is short, long or layered. Fluff up your bouncy curls, head out and have fun. I personally love it all natural by the beach and for a romantic date night. 


5. Slicked back curly hair

Remember the wet hair look we talked about, you can learn how to do it here. It's not just for straight hair, it's actually stunning with curly hair. Especially if you wanna dress up and try something different for an occasion. You can slick back the front of your hair and leave the curls hanging back like Zendaya, or you can tie it in a bun or pony tail. 


6. Curly hairstyles for formal and evening events...

For your formal and evening events, there are so many options to choose from. First of all, you can do an updo and let a few curls hang down, you can even add a hair piece or hairband to flatter your dress or outfit. Or you can go for a simpler look, like Solange Knowles's middle part. If you have a layered haircut, a deep side part like Zendaya's would be gorgeous. 


7. Curly Hair Braided Hairstyles

Braids are a great way to change things up without having to add any heat or really change anything. They're so comfortable and they look really cool. Dutch braids and boxer braids are loved by many for working out, but you can definitely wear them for everyday looks or even a fancy event, if you can make or have someone make you a magnificent braid hairstyle like the one in the middle. 



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