Bangs. A word a lot of women in my life fear, including myself. It's one of those hairstyles that is a hit or miss and even when it's a hit, you're not sure it's a hit because it take time to get used to yourself in bangs. It's complex, but also can be very sexy and very flattering. There is also a huge misconception that bangs are only the classic blunt full bangs. There are actually a lot of different bang hairstyles and not all of them are dramatic as you think. So, if you're interested in some change in hairstyle, let's talk about different bang hairstyles to fit your style and personality...

The French Girl Bangs


These wispy bangs are effortless, easy and look even cooler when they grow out a little. If you're a girl who loves Parisian style, you probably love it's easy sexiness and chic simplicity. You will find some of your French fashion muses sporting these bangs and if you look a little closer you will notice how undone they usually look. They're imperfectly perfect and flow comfortably on the face. 

The Romantic Girl Bangs


For the girls who love their flowy clothes and boho chic fashion. Having bangs with some romantic waves is your way to go. Think musicians, painters, artists who love the romanticism of life and it's reflected and expressed through their style. There is more than one type of bang hairstyle to choose from, full thick bangs, loose wispy curly bangs or anything really, as long as there is some movement and a natural look to your hair. 

The Boss Lady Bangs


This is for the women who a little bit more structure and glamour to style. You love your pantsuits, blazers and rock the chic 'put together' look. You can go for a pixie cut with bangs like Kris Jenner's or full sleek blunt bangs like Zeynab El-helw. Basically, anything that has a little bit more control and sleekness. 

The Retro Girl Bangs


If your style reflects your lifetime wish to have lived in '60s or '70s consider 1 of the above. On the far left you have curtain bangs on Lucy Boynton that look very '70s. In the middle is a big voluminous hairstyle with side bangs that perfectly go with it on CYN that, in my opinion, also looks very '90s. And last, but not least, Lily Aldridge's '60s look. Sleek, long hair tucked behind the ears and wispy bangs with slightly longer sides. 

The 'I Woke up like This Girl' Bangs


This is my favorite because like the French girl bangs, it has the sexy effortless appeal. If your style is all about looking like you didn't put in much effort but you still look smokin', try out these  choppy layered bangs in the middle, and style your hair to have a little but of messiness and volume. You can also go for long parted bangs and grown out bangs, which are really flattering and also a good option for those scared of bangs and in need of an easy transition.

The Nostalgic Classic Girl Bangs


The classic Audrey Hepburn bangs, slightly swept to the side and a dream to be paired with a red lip, is for the nostalgic girls out there who dream in black in white and raid their grandma's closet for stunning vintage finds. For a beautiful classic look you can also try these grown out curtain bangs on Camila Cabello with a a bit of volume. 

Check out more bang hairstyles below if you're still struggling to find your fit....