Bangs have a very powerful effect, and they can truly change the way your face looks. However, there are bangs that flatter your face shape, and others that just don't work for you. So find out how to cut your bangs according to your face shape.

How to cut your bangs if you have a square face:

The square face shape is considered a sharp and edgy face, and for that, a woman with a square face shape needs to hide her forehead. The best bangs for the square face shape are front bangs. Make sure the bangs are dense at the sides and light at the center. Or you can try side bangs; just make sure the ends of the bangs are longer than your eyebrows. Also, you can make the front bangs with extra-long sides.

How to cut your bangs if you have a round face:

If you have a round wide face shape, then you should have side bangs to cover a part of your forehead, or make your long bangs on the side to cover a part of your face. If you have a small forehead, then you should have front straight bangs, and it should end right above your eye lids.

How to cut your bangs if you have an oval face:

If you have an oval face shape and short hair, then you should have short side bangs. Or cut long front bangs, and make it fall free on your forehead. But make sure it’s light at the center to show a peek of your forehead.

How to cut your bangs if you have a heart-shaped face:

Because the heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead and a small chin, you need to have long middle parted bangs, and it may reach your chin. Try the one side short bangs too. You can also try the front bangs, short in the center and long on the sides.


How to cut your bangs if you have a rectangle face:

Almost every type of bangs can suit women with a rectangular face shape. For example, try the long two side bangs, and let their length reach your mouth. Or make thick layered bangs to the side of your face in a way that they cover a large portion of your face. Front thick bangs are also a big hit with the rectangle face.