How to pick the right sunglasses for your face shape can be harder than it sounds, as you are faced with countless choices of sunglasses when you go shopping. Since summer is almost approaching, I will give you some tips and tricks on how to pick the right sunglasses for your face shape and kiss the confusion goodbye! 

1. How to pick the right sunglasses for oval face shape: 

An oval face is one of the best face types to pair any sunglasses with. You have an oval face if the length of your face bigger than the width of your face by one and a half. Also the width of your forehead should be as wide as your jaw bones. One significant feature of an oval face is strong cheekbones and a narrow chin. 

- Sunglasses for an oval face: Almost all kinds of sunglasses match an oval face shape, whether it's a cat eye sunglasses, aviators or square sunglasses. It's preferable to go for  medium-sized or oversized frames so your face looks a bit narrower. 

2. How to pick the right sunglasses for round face shape:

A round face shape is when the width of your face is exactly proportional with the length. You definitely  know you have a round shape when the edges of your face are round and not sharp. 

- Sunglasses for the round face: A squared pair of sunglasses is the best for the round face shape. It's preferable that the sunglasses are wide enough to make your face seem less round and give it more length. Sunglasses with bulky frames can also do the trick. Stay away from round lenses and frames because it will only make your face look fuller. 

3. How to pick the right sunglasses for rectangle face shape: 

In the case of a rectangle face shape, the length of your face is longer than its width. Also a rectangle face is defined by a relatively sharp nose and flat cheeks. 

- Sunglasses for the rectangle face: Square sunglasses with curvy edges and round sunglasses are the best for rectangle face shapes as they don't make your face seem too long. Sharp and bold frames are also the best, because they will give your cheeks more definition. 

4. How to pick the right sunglasses for square face shape: 

Generally square face shapes have the same length and width across the face. A person with a square face will have a wide forehead, wide cheekbones and well defined jaw bones. 

- Sunglasses for a square face: People with square faces should go for round, oval sunglasses, or even cat eye sunglasses. They will help your face look more round and less sharp. 

5. How to pick the right sunglasses for heart-shaped face:

A heart-shaped face is often refereed to as an inverted triangle. They are also defined with narrow sharp chins and wide foreheads

- Sunglasses for the heart-shaped face: Cat eye sunglasses are the best because they will elongate and accentuate your face shape.