Friday Fashion Fits: How to Style the Pouch Bag That Everyone's Wearing

Mai Atef
1/31/20, 12:00 AM

The Pouch bag has been dominating street style for a while now, so it's about time we finally talk about it. For this Friday you chose for us to talk about the pouch bag trend and we know it's because it's chic practical and bringing back hand clutches in a new interesting way. We know you must be thinking about how you can style it with all the different clothes in your closet and that's what we're here for.

How to wear the Pouch bag trend with morning outfits?


The Pouch bag is actually great because its modern simple design can work with most morning outfits. You can pair it with a denim jacket, trousers or a skirt for a casual but chic look. We also think it's really cool to pair it with a statement coat with a cool pattern. We suggest you go a bright colored clutch, like red, green to blue to brighten up your winter outfits.

Pouch bag trend with evening wear


You can easily wear this pouch in the evening for a really chic modern outfit, by wearing it with a sweater and a satin skirt, or with a dress. However, we think you should go for a medium or small Pouch bag in evening look in metallic or neutral shades, depending on your outfit.

How to wear the pouch bag for formal/office looks?


Although it might not be your first choice for office or formal wear, we've seen a lot of bloggers coordinate it with amazing formal outfits, by wearing it with a suit, formal short dress or blazer dresses. 

How to carry the pouch bag?


There are three ways to carry a pouch bag from what we've seen from street style. You can hold it the traditional way under your arm or you can hold it between your hands and thighs, or casually holding it with your fingers. 

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Here are some more pouch bag outfit ideas...


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