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Friday Fashion Fits: Different Ways to Wear and Style Fleece Coats

Jasmine Kamal
1/24/20, 12:00 AM

A winter coat is a staple that we cannot live without for most of December, January and February...For fashion purposes but even more for keeping us warm. Every year a new coat trend comes up and this time you asked us to talk about Fleece coats for this Friday Fashion Fits.

You voted on our Instagram and we're glad you did because this is one of the coziest types of coats and it will make you very warm. Check out the gallery below for amazing fleece coat outfit ideas

Here's how to wear and style fleece coats:

Neutral Fleece Coat for a Classic Chic Look 


If you're looking a classic elegant look that is suitable for work or formal outings, pick a fleece coat in a neutral color like brown, white, grey or black. You can go for a monochrome outfit to add even more elegance to your look, especially if you pair it with high heels.  

Colorful Fleece Coat for a Casual Look


If your everyday outfits are casual then we suggest you go a pretty bright colored fleece coat. The casual wear will tone it down and the coat will give a bright unique touch to your outfit. This type of outfit will also look really cool with a backpack or belt bag.

Fleece Coat With a Dress


Who doesn't find it difficult to wear dresses and skirts in winter? But with a fleece coat, you can  depend on it to make you really warm. Whether you're wearing an evening or casual dress, you can easily wear it with a fleece coat. Choose a nice neutral color that can easily suit most of your dresses.

Fleece Coat With Tights


We talked before about the different ways you can wear tights this season. A fleece coat would look great with tights, especially colored and patterned tights and this will be a great added layer of warmth. 

How to wear a fleece coat according to your body type...

For pear and hourglass body types you can wear a fleece coat with a belt at the waist, if you're looking for more definition at the waist. 

For petite bodies, avoid picking a fleece coat that stops at middle of your leg. It is better to go for one that reaches the ankle or stops before the knee.  


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