This week you chose the 2020 patterned tights trend. You voted on our Instagram and we couldn't be happier to show you how to wear tights and how to style printed tights this season. In fact, I'm not gonna lie to you we were all kind of hoping you'd go for this choice and you did not disappoint. 

Given that patterned and printed tights are one of the most popular fashion trends in 2020, it is inevitable that we look for different ways to wear and coordinate the trend with your outfits. We did talk about the tights trend before, but this time we're showing your how to wear them with different items and for different occasions.

Scroll down to see more patterned tights outfit ideas below...

Pattered tights with coats...


If you're looking for a chic, classic look this winter, this a safe and very chic outfit idea to go for.  There's nothing better than wearing printed or patterned tights with your favorite winter coat.   

For example, you can go for a classic, plain coat and pair it with whatever patterned or colored tights you want. Neutral coats will help you play around more comfortably with the tights.

How to wear patterned tights for evening looks?


Printed and actually embellished tights are your best friends for evening looks. They help keep you a little warmer while also adding a touch of glam to your look!

You can even choose shimmery tights or ones embellished with studs or crystals. Pick something that goes with your look and suits the event you're attending, you can get some ideas from these 3 outfits above or in the gallery below... 

How to wear patterned tights for casually?


This is out everyday wear that eventually get bored of, so adding tights to the mix will really help amp it up and get you excited to get dressed in the morning. Star patterned tights and polka dot  tights are really cool with casual clothes. Also you can try floral prints or lace tights with skirts and sweater dresses.

How to wear patterned tights for formal looks?


IIf you're looking to elevate your work wear,, why not try wearing chic pattered tights to the office? If you're hesitant that it would look too much, go for a subtle design or print, which you can wear with a suit dress or skirt. Keep the clothes minimal to balance out the look.  

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