It's time for another edition of our weekly posts of Friday Fashion Fits where we breakdown how you can style any clothing or accessory item perfectly. Today we are showing you the best ways you can style the wide legged pants according to your votes on our Instagram and Facebook Stories.

The wide legged pants is one of the trendiest pieces since last year and is still going strong in 2020 winter trends. So, let's find out how to rock it perfectly...

How to style the wide legged pants

Wearing wide legged pants with long coats:

As you know, long coats are on top of the fall/winter 2020 trends. Which means if you style it with the wide legged pants you're going to look effortlessly chic and casual. Tuck in your top or blouse or choose a short top that falls right at your waist. You can even wear the long coat over your shoulders for a trendy look.

How to Style Wide Legged Pants

How to wear the wide legged pants with oversized sweaters and pullovers:

1. Go for colored pants that matches with the pullover's colors for a statement look.

2. Always choose shorter tops or tuck your oversized sweaters inside the pants.

3. Monochrome looks are an amazing choice.

4. Try to style your wide legged pants with sweaters and pullovers that are not too oversized.

How to Style Wide Legged Pants

How to style the wide legged pants with blazers:

I think this look might be everyone's favorite, because you can easily look accessories it to make it either business chic or casual.

If you're going for a formal business look or a work look, pick out a shorter blazer with your wide legged pants or define your waist with a belt over a long oversized blazer. Try to wear colors that complement each other and have similar tones.

As for wide legged pants with casual blazers, you can wear the pants in jeans with a tight top or shirt and tuck it in. The shoes you choose will finish off the look and I'll talk more about that in the next point.

How to Style Wide Legged Pants

How to choose your shoes with wide legged pants:

This is where it gets a bit tricky because choosing the right shoes with your wide legged pants can be a bit of a struggle.

If you love casual outfits, don't hesitate to wear your sneakers with wide legged pants, it'll give you the comfort you're looking for throughout the day.

When it comes to a more professional or chic look, then stiletto heels are your best friend, ankle boots are also a good choice. You can also wear the wide legged pants with high heel open toe sandals.

How to Style Wide Legged Pants

How can petites wear the wide legged pants?

Many petite girls think they can not wear wide legged pants because it might make them look shorter, but this is far from the truth. All you have to do is follow these tips on how to style the wide legged pants perfectly:

1. Make sure you pick a wide legged pants with high waist so it'll make you look taller.

2. Always go for heels whenever you wear wide legged pants.

3. There are many cuts for the wide legged pants, so pick out the pair that are not too wide to avoid looking shorter.

4. Style your wide legged pants with shirts, blouses or sweaters that has a little definition and avoid the loose and oversized pieces.

5. When wearing coats with wide legged pants, the best look for you would be the monochrome where all pieces are of the same shade.