I guess we're lucky that skirts are in because now they can replace skinny jeans for our knee-high boots outfits.  A lot of people are looking for what to wear with knee-high boots for a night out, so we wanted to show you some knee-high boots outfit ideas and how to wear knee-high boots with anything...

How to wear knee-high boots with wide pants


With skinny jeans being ignored by so many people currently, a lot of us are confused as to how to wear wide pants or loose pants with knee-high boots. Culotte pants really cool with knee-high boots, especially if they're a little shorter. You can also tuck your pants into your boots if you like, for more of statement, but very chic look. 

How to wear knee-high boots with skirts


This is the most comfortable option for a lot of people and for good reason, it looks great. You can wear knee high boots with long skirts, short skits and denim skirts. They looks gorgeous in any case, depends on what skirts you have and what you feel more comfortable wearing. With a denim skirt, it would really nice if there's a slit in the side so you can see more of the boot.

How to wear knee-high boots with shorts


I know what you're thinking, shorts in winter? Yes, the right shorts are amazing in winter, especially with sheer tights underneath or you can buy wool shorts to keep you warm. You can get some wide shorts that fall right above the knees and wear them with knee high boots. It's an outfit that will definitely start up conversations.

How to wear knee-high boots with dresses


Dresses are also a good comfortable choice. A short winter dress with white knee-high boots is a gorgeous '60s look that I want for myself right now. With flowy dresses go for knee-high boots with heels, they will give length too your look and give the dress a nice flow. 

How to wear knee-high boots with an oversized blazer


If you're wondering how to wear knee high boots in the office, even though it's not an easy look to pull off and of course it depends on where your work, you can definitely still make it work with pencil skirts, formal coats and oversized blazers. 

Knee-high boots for petite women:

For petite girls, knee-high boots are your besties in winter because they give a lot of length and you can pull off the oversized baggy look as much as you want to, when you pair it with nice heeled knee-high boots. Ariana Grande wears them a lot and you can check out here how she perfects petite styling.

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