Pop sensation, Ariana Grande, has been gaining a lot of attention over the years. We've recently gotten conversations started at the office about her latest music video 'break up with your boyfriend, i'm bored" and also about her no show at the Grammys. She's definitely caught our attention and interest for her incredible voice, daring and honest music, but also for her style. 

She doesn't let her petiteness limit her style at all, she knows how to wear whatever she wants, while styling it a way that flatters and compliments her petite figure. Ariana's style is perfect for showing petite styling tips to those of you looking to break the petite fashion rules. So you can check out below how Ariana Grande styles her petite figure and elongates her posture

1. Her iconic pony tail


Ariana is known for her iconic extremely high and long pony tail. It is her trademark and a huge part of her style and look. It also does something really flattering to her, which is elongates her face and figure. Pulling your pony really high up like this will give you not only give you an instant face lift, but provide a longer appearing figure. Her long, shiny mane also helps give her posture length and beauty. 

2. Wearing oversized clothes


This is the question everyone asks...How can Ariana Grande, being so petite, look so good in oversized clothes and hoodies? If you take a look, you will notice that she usually rocks her oversized sweaters with no pants and knee high boots. Knee high heeled boots are really great for giving the legs a lot of length and are incredibly flattering. So if you're petite and wishing to rock the oversized trend, try this petite styling trick

3. Eyeliner


Image Credits: Getty Images Via Style Caster

No, eyeliner won't make you look taller. But combining it with a high, long pony tail and the rest of her style secrets is the trick. Her long fierce, liner is a force to be reckoned with. It highlights all her best features and gives her look a lift that is extremely gorgeous in pictures and on the red carpet. 

4. Her poses


We also noticed that Ariana is very specific with her selfie and red carpet poses, she definitely knows how to show confidence and fierceness, and knows how to highlight her beautiful features, like her neck, jaw and shoulders. She poses with her shoulder back and slightly lifts her jaw up with an angle, which really flatters her petite figure and gives her length. 

5. Gowns


If you are petite, you're probably scared of going for long dresses or gowns. There are a lot of concerns about long dresses for shorter girls, when in fact they could be exactly what you want. Ariana looked incredible in both of these gowns. The fit and flow of the dresses were perfect for her. Notice how the corset section ends a little bit above her actual waist so that the skirt can flow for longer and elongate her look.

The combination of all these points together is the trick and secret to how Ariana Grande's looks are always really well balanced and why her style never overpowers her petiteness.

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @arianagrande